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Botany Question


And THIS is exactly why I’m stingy with them. : )


So close, but this is an description of the actual movement of the plant parts, right? Kind of like how plants grow toward the sunlight because the side that gets less sun grows quicker.

I appreciate you all looking for me, that same term that we had found before seems to be elusive for many here as well.


I wish I could explain why one or two leaves turned into these huge curly things in a bunch of regular and normal looking ones. I swear there was something very specific describing this very thing, maybe it was a spontaneous genetic mutation of sorts, within the single plant.

@M00, I know, that like from @Fraggles is so rare. :slight_smile:

Well played, sir. Well played. :smile:




Maybe @M00 just got at them with a pair of scissors?


:rofl: :+1:

No erudite cow will falsify scientific data with scissors, in my opinion.


Have you checked for pests? Those curly leaves do not look healthy. Fasciation popped into my head initially, but from the photo; no, not that.


So what you are saying is, that I got a star too?


Everyone gets a :star2:!