Bonus Coins

I purchased 2 copies of yesterday’s daily deal (Full Metal Furies) in a single transaction. The main page said that +80 bonus coins were available for a purchase. I expected to therefore be awarded 160 bonus coins for the purchase, yet I was only awarded 80.

I am guessing that if I made two separate purchases I would have been awarded the bonus coins twice - in fact, I did this a few months (in August) ago when I purchased a second copy of the daily deal later in the day and was awarded the bonus coins for both purchases.

So I guess my question is: Is this different behaviour intended (2 copies in a single purchase vs. 2 separate purchases of a single copy)? Or perhaps just an oversight? Or perhaps the behaviour changed between August and now?


I would assume it’s probably a mistake and not intended at all. It doesn’t benefit them in any way to have a higher number of transactions (unless you really want to show off numbers in some sort of add, “X customers in X year!”).


I dont think this is how the coin collection works in general. You don’t get any additional coins upon purchase (unless there is a specific promotion which mentions it), you only get 1 coin spin per day regardless of if you make a purchase or not. This is the way I understand the system working unless something has changed, but @lonin should be able to clear it up.

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We’ve had coins-on-purchase for quite awhile now, but to answer the original question, this is an “intended but not ideal” situation. When we rolled this feature out, the quickest way was to base it on transaction rather than copies, and we just never wrapped back around to it. I’ve made a task for us to change that, apologies!


Hmm must have been a while since i made a purchase or maybe i just got lazy and didnt notice.


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