Bob & Crew Bundle
Stealth Inc 2
Serial Cleaner
Bomber Crew
Human: Fall Flat
not cheap, but nice games (if you like them) for me it is €9.99


Got them all but Bomber Crew…so I will pass. Not anything I will play…


For once I don’t own any of the games, but they are not something I would play I think


Keep in mind that serial cleaners and stealth inc 2 are in the pick and mix bundle (which is expiring soon though)


^exactly this :+1:
cheaper, and got them for a steal in the pic and mix bundle compare to this, already had humans fall flat from previous bundles
the only left then to “consider” would be comber crew, but since that goes for cheaper than this bundle if even if bought “solo” +pick and mix serial cleaner+stealth inc, i’d have no cause to spend 10$/€ on it “on its own”/as is here :thinking:


Lichdom: Battlemage is included in the Fantasy Heroes Bundle for 2.99

That’s a $40 game. I’ll pick up the bundle just for that!


Dooooon’t, it’s bad! I bought on sale for 8 bucks or so and returned it after an hour. It’s nowhere nearly as good as it looks, I’d maybe give it another shot for free.


That’s actually an interesting bundle. Though Lichdom may be a $40 game but it was not received very well, might very well be worth it for that price. The first Templar and Inquisitor are good pick ups here as well, though I already have the first.

Anyone have any opinions on the other titles?


I really think the (normal) price tag of Lichdome is all that’s supposed to convince us to buy the bundle.

Northmark looks interesting and Inquisitor is only for those who want that old, flawed and difficult experience again.

I remember getting The First Templar for free in like 2012 and reading some reviews which convinced me not to try it, idk what exactly it was anymore tho.

Looks like a potentially interesting bundle too.
The Tropico 4 package is on it’s own worth the asking price. I’ve heard good things about Slain’s 2nd iteration and while Toren doesn’t seem amazing it’s a game I’ve been wanting to try out.
A pretty good mix of games on offer there.


Fyi, Lichdom has been bundled about a dozen time on Fanatical, for various prices, even below a dollar at one point i think
i’ve passed on their bundles several time containing lichdom, (already owned), even tho i wouldn’t “mind” gifting it, because at the times there was no of the other games i then wanted for the asking price, and imo Lichdom wasn’t even worth the 3bucks…
it’s sorta beautiful, decently good looking game… but it has some serious design issues, making the core very boring, repetitive (think magica “xy” formual=best, but variation for fun, lichdom you don’t get the “choice” to fun), making the gameplay loop very unsatisfying… -i simply couldn’t bother to even finish it at the time…
opinions vary, and you might very well find it worth 3$, but imo just ask yourself if there is another single game/bundle you’d rather like/game you know you want to play for the same price, then maybe go with that other game…


I haven’t bought the bundle yet. Thanks for the advice.

I think Lichdom looks amazing, but you’re right, it hasn’t been received well at all.

What a shame that such a great looking game might suck.


I bought that bundle and the other one I linked. Inquisitor was the main reason I got the first one. Now I’ve bought 14 (new) games for $5 in total, I wonder why my steam list is so huge.


lol, i bought their "point and click"ish bundle recently, because there was a few that looked okay, and figured “meh, a dollar”:man_shrugging:, then bought a another of their cheap bundle in the same purchase, (because of 1 game in it i think), i actually got to add so many games in go from fanatical -that steam locked me out from activating more games for 2 hours :rofl:
i think nearly 50 games (over 30 was the PnC i think) for less than 5bucks, viva la bundles :joy:

reminds me :thinking:, i actually bought that starter bundle too “earlier”, and need to add Toren, among others, to my giveaway list… :+1: