Board Game Bundle (Humble)

For those who want to do the board games with friends, it’s not a bad idea to dive in.

I am sure a lot of you already have some, so it may not be the best option, but it’s not a bad option at least.


I haven’t heard of any of those games though :smiley: Anyone can shed some light?

EDIT : I doubt I will touch tier 2 though… in the end of the line it’s not what I usually play.


I’ll write something up for the ones I know about later, need to go to bed though, so I’ll get back to you tomorrow. I’m not particularly excited about it though.


Literally don’t know a single one. Unsure if that says more about me than the games :flushed:


I played Colt Express, but the real board game. That was pretty fun to be honest, don’t know anything about the steam version though.


The primary reason I’m not greatly excited about this bundle is that the vast majority of these titles are 2 player games, so they do not really fit that well with what I want out of board games. This does not mean they are bad games however and I could strongly recommend this bundle if you have someone you really like to play games against over and over. Do not buy these games hoping to play them against random people though as they appear to be pretty much dead across the board.

About the games themselves then

Tier 1

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
Agricola is an old very well regarded strategic worker placement game. Unfortunately this is the newer, cut down 2 player version which focuses on a single aspect of the full game. It still seems like it’s a pretty decent game on it’s own though, just really wish they had made the full version for PC.

This one looked interesting to me. It’s a card game that appears to be equal parts deck builder and CCG without the buying random card packs for a fortune aspect. The physical game can be played with up to 4 players I can’t quite tell if the PC version allows that or is locked to 2.

Colt Express
This is the one I’d recommend getting tier 1 for, if enough of us are getting it. Again I would not expect there to be a big active MP scene for it. This is a kind of simultaneous action card game where you are trying to rob a train and steal more stuff than your opponents. You all play your action cards and then resolve what actually happens after everyone has made their decisions. It seems to me like it could be a good deal of fun with a group of friends.

Le Havre
Another cut down 2 player version of an old highly regarded board game. It’s an economic strategy game where you buy resources, build stuff and get points. It seems pretty good, but again I wish they had created the full game for PC. I’ll certainly play it with any of you if you end up getting tier 1 though.

Tier 2

This is a co-operative board game and those can be a lot of fun, they can also become downright awful depending on the people you play with. It’s fairly common that the person who’ve played the game the most already know the best actions that can be taken in a round and just proceeds to dictate to every other player what they should do this turn, making it a single player game with 3 spectating card holders. This sort of game can not be played with anyone with even a slight tendency to be a sore loser.

But it’s an otherwise fairly well regarded board game, though not an old classic like most of the others. If there’s enough interest here it could be worth getting.

Pathfinder Adventures
A single player card game with micro transactions, no thanks. Go away. Why do I have this one?

Well the game SAYS it has multiplayer now but steam lists it as single player. Well it’s a 2-4 player card based economic strategy game where you try to mine, polish and sell gems. It seems like it could be pretty decent.

King and Assassin
This one might be interesting even if it’s another 2 player game. One player tries to get the king and his guards through a busy marketplace and the assassin tries to kill him with 3 conspirators hidden in the throngs of unhappy peasants. Still wouldn’t expect a living MP scene so only get it if you have someone you expect to play it with.

Fighting Fantasy Legends
Word play game to come up with the most generic titles possible! ah no, no it’s a single player chose your own adventure card a game thing. Title is almost excusable because “Fighting fantasy” is an old brand of chose your own adventure books.

Small World 2
This is actually a pretty decent game. I would recommend you all to get tier 2 just because I have this one already and want more people to play it with. It’s a worker placement game mostly, you’re trying to spread your race of monsters out in the world to grab territory. The more space you have the better, but the thinner your troops are spread and you’re almost always going to need to wage a 2 front war.

Twilight Struggle
I know almost nothing about this one other than it’s a 2 player game again and that’s actually how it was designed from the start for once. It’s pretty complex game that will take a good long while to play but is also very well regarded.

Sum up
Tier 1
Get it for Colt Express and Harald if you want to join our board gaming nights group. Get it for Le Havre and Agricola if you have a special someone to play with.

Tier 2
Get it IF several of us think Pandemic, Splendor and Small world 2 seems like something we’d like to play. 3 good games for $8 is acceptable to me at least. Stand up to be counted if you’re up for this

OR get it for Twilight Struggle if you look at it and just feel it in your bones that this is something you and someone you know would just love to spend 3h on every other Tuesday evening.

Poll time!

  • I will buy tier 1 and want to play Harald and Colt express.
  • I’m willing to buy Tier 2 if all the cool kids are doing it.

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These look kinda nice, actually. Especially Harald and Colt. I also like the idea of Abalone for my phone (aaaand that rhymed).

I’ll wait and see for what you guys have to say. (:


are they online multiplayer or just couch co-op

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They are online multiplayer.
Just going to go ahead and edit this post to bump the thread, was hoping to see a few more than 5 people join the vote tbh.