Blizzard Comics?!

So I have recently (about 3 minutes ago) have discovered that Blizzard has comics for their games! :smiley:
How seriously cool?

As a lover of games, and comics, this has made my day :blush: I never really looked through the Blizzard app before (slow internet means it takes 2 minutes for a page to load and I don’t have the patience)

What’s your favourite Blizzard game? and character? Have you read any comics on the website and which would you suggest?


My kick-assin from Diablo 2. Wonderful glass canon build that was always a lots of fun to play in hard core. Tiger strike to boost damage, Cobra strike for life leech, pray you live long enough to hit something 6 times then unleash everything with a dragon tail kick killing everything with ridiculously high damage.

Unfortunately no comics from Diablo 2.


Diablo Immortal will probably get something soon… Don’t worry! :wink:

EDIT: To answer the question, the Team Fortress 2 comics have my vote… Since they were used to hype and explain in game content upgrades. SAXTON HALE!!!


There’s a new series of cartoon shorts by Carbot for the first diablo though, which have been pretty good so far. I recommend checking those out.


Ah yes… I have seen those. I also liked his series on WOW… though they get to be a bit of a slow build to the interesting bits.


Overwatch is the only Blizzard thing I’ve gotten into, except a bit of WC3. And those comics have been pretty good.
I especially liked the stuff around Ana’s launch, still the best integrated of the new characters (And like not a robo horse created by a 4 year old).


I am not a Blizzard fan but I am curious as to what software or reader you are using for the comics. Just using the browser or what???

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I wasn’t much of one before, but alas Warcraft and Diablo will always have a soft spot.
Yeah so they open up in your browser and you can choose to download them (as a PDF) :blush:

But for other comics I generally use a CBR Reader - CDisplayEx :sunflower:


CDisplay is definitely the best if you need something lightweight for tablets and whatnot.
But Comicrack has always been my preferred reader, no other reader has such a nice presentation.