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Black Friday deals 2019


Just like last year I went black friday stoping for some games and just like last year I am showing you guys what I got and am asking what you guys got for every consumers favorite day of the year. (unless you like cyber Monday) got any crazy stories or even plays for the aforementioned cyber Monday tell us about it.


Very nice! Lucky to score a good game like Mirror’s Edge for free too. Gratz! ^^


i got fucking 15 pairs of socks.
and they werent even off…




Ayy you bought Skyrim!


Well, we went shopping on Black Friday at our fav butcher shop and bought over 150.00 worth of meat and a fresh head of cabbage(Don’t ask; they have fresh veggies there too at times).

So while I was rewrapping, labeling, cutting, cleaning, making meatballs and separating into meals all the meats, he was on his PC checking out the sales. About 45 mins later he came in with his tablet and said “Merry Christmas! Here’s your new laptop.”…


So we got 2 of them coming Tuesday…
( I will have more to say about these when they get here.)
Plus…Get a 1TB Seagate Expansion portable external hard drive for $50 when you buy any laptop (save $24.99). Got 2 of them.


Got 2 of these… They were 5.00 a piece Friday.

And got 2 of these…They were 17.00 a piece Friday.

OK… Christmas is over…Bring in the New Year.:clinking_glasses:


Christmas system ahoy: Yay! ^^

SO happy for you both. waits patiently for my compy parts


I personally would have gone with the 1660 Ti. The 1650 was not well received by the tech review community. However, I would guess that was all you were able to purchase. I’m not going to go on a witch hunt for that. :slight_smile:

I might actually recommend undervolting the i7-9750H through the Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility (XTU) by like… .1 volts. I can talk more about it. Will keep the heat down.

I hope they work well for what you plan on using them for.


What I have gotten (so far, there are a couple winter hats/gloves and maybe movies I still wish to purchase)


Nice controllers.

Pretty much. The stuff is way high over here. The same laptop, regular price, over at was 2400 or 23. I can’t remember. Remember we have to buy 2. That was one of my requirements when we got married. None of this crap of “sharing a PC” or a “house computer”. I want my own.