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Bigfoot Quest, Last Day Survival and Raanaa @ Google Play


Bigfoot Quest

Last Day Survival-Zombie Shooting 24H Dark Dungeon

Raanaa - The Shaman Girl

Sudoku {Premium Pro}

Who on earth pays for Sudoku??


I know a guy… and he seriously loves it. Tease him all the time, coz I do NOT get it, lol


I saw an older guy on a plane I was on last year, does he count?


Thanks for the info.


OH, I misread that as “PLAYS” at first and was about to be all like “I’d be down for solving some Sudoku puzzles…when I don’t have video games.”

But now that I know what you’re saying, I must say that I would not spend money on Sudoku.


I misread too, BUT! he would buy Sudoku books. I used to buy Crossword puzzles every now and then. No longer need to do that with new phone though.


But these were the olden days :man_farmer:
I get that one can enjoy all kinds of puzzles, but how {Premium Pro} can a grid with numbers be?
Tiny brain don’t compute :no_mouth:

Buyin? on se plane?? :open_mouth:
He must’ve been really flexn that thic wallet bulge.


Thanks, @SeekerSupreme :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Presumably not as much as Sudoku Ultimate PRO… which you can get for free right now: