Bidding for Chrono gg

I was wondering if chrono gg held bidding today who would end up owning Chrono gg.
You can only place offers in chrono coins with picture for proof.
Let me start this competition with humble offer of 10380 cgrono coins.


I feel like y’all would be super happy if we added a coin leaderboard. :thinking:

Edit: I’ve been told I get :one: minute per like, for this post, to work on a leaderboard. So if we can get at least … :three::zero: :sweat_smile:

Edit #2: I’m super upset that I can’t like my own post :rage:


Certainly it would be nice :grinning:


that’d be a bloody lovely addition

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i think a leaderboard could be a fun and even good thing
might incentivize some of the streakers to no spend their coins in order to keep that ocd itch away and their “high score” (probably not use the old arcade 3 letter names for board tho)
which could then slightly reduce the amount of insta “sold outs” because of ocd from weighing game vs ranking and “status”, because “there can be only 1” (maybe)


Interesting idea with the leaderboard, but the randomness of the daily coin and chest reward would make it hard to implement properly.

With a 10 coin range on even daily coins, 30+ on the 3-days chest, another 30+ on the 7-days chest, at the very least 150 on the 14-days, and at least 250 coins on the legendary chests (and I only took those ranges from my own page, I’m sure the range on the chests is even bigger), you can potentially have two people with an identically long streak, but with one getting 500 more coins. Maybe even 1000 considering the chest ranges are most likely larger than what I experienced, and taking into account the daily coins themselves.

Personally,I bought one 2000 coin game (SOTS - The Pit),but knowing that I could have the same amount of coins as someone luckier who already spent 3000+ coins on one or multiple games, and as someone less lucky who bought no games yet, despite all 3 of us having hypothetically identical login records would make any kind of leaderboard useless.


I like the idea, I mean let’s face it, it is something utterly useless, but hey it would be fun!

Even if people have about the same amount of coins, one may decide to spend them and go lower, one may eventually lose the streak because of forgetfulness, like it happended to me some time ago :sweat_smile:.

The randomness might mean that the top spot may not always go to the same person, but I feel that would add to the thrill

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Add a browser based game that allows us to gamble our coins against each other too. The Game.


I thought about that a little while ago, but it would cause great problems for, Once you introduce any element that can be reasonably construed as gambling you run into a lot of troubles. In order to operate in most countries there’d have to be some sort of age verification and even with that it’d still be outright illegal in several countries and US states.

While I think it’d be fun I’m afraid it’s far more trouble than it’s worth.


30 likes! Let’s go, Dusty!


I’m already thinking of a way to get rid of my coins without using the shop. Gonna stack up some more and if the mood’s right I’ll get back to it, but for now let’s go for e-peen!