Beware Scam

On Day 14 my streak counter reset to day 1… and conveniently the games you can purchase with coins continue to go up in price as well as immediately sell out. This site seemed suspicious from the jump and I’m done wasting my time watching ads for free

Sorry to hear that. I cannot see what is so wrong with a site, that gives you coins to purchase on games for free.

Did you submit this issue with the Day 14 Coin streak for assistance? I assume you didn’t get those coins at all?

The games were not sold out until recently and have remained the same price as they were when they went up, so I’m not sure what you mean there. The ones that cost 1000c are obviously going to sell out the quickest and I’m sure there will be news of new ones soon.

I too have yet to purchase a game with the coins or from the Daily Deals but that is no fault of the site.

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@toejam i am sorry but what you have written is not true. The prices have never changed and the games have just all been collected by others, I got one so its not a scam. As for your streak counter resetting i am not sure, if you did not miss a day you should report it as @Punkster mentioned. Its kinda sad that rather than ask if something is is a bug or accident people just jump to the assumption of a scam.


Sorry to hear about your streak! We’re looking into your daily reward check-in times to make sure nothing went wrong on our end.

As for games getting sold out, since we’re still in the beginning stages of the coin system games are more likely to sell out in waves as people reach the right amount of coins. As the system matures and we add more games and balance the supply and demand, this should should lessen in severity. Hopefully you’ll stick around!


There are no ads and your literally just supposed to make one click, where other websites with features like this require you to watch actual ads for hours or do surveys to get games that are not worth wasting even a minute. Being salty for losing a streak is one thing, but whining and accusing the website of scamming is another. Keep it together.
As @PeteMcc also pointed out, what you are saying is false. No prices ever increased and noone is scamming you.


The prices for the games that have been posted, they have constantly gone up. While everyone only has 1500 coins there are 2000 coin games posted. Once people get to the point they almost have 2000 coins the 1500s are sold out and 5000 coin games are posted. And coincidentally there have been many people not getting their 2 week streaks?.. I’m sure some people are getting games but not the majority. And think of all the people that didn’t catch their streak resetting? It just seems real dirty. You act like businesses have our best interest in mind. I’ll place my bets that this site goes down soon after just like Lockerz.

It’s kinda sad? … You’re sad replying to my comment like a good little nerd while I was only trying to save people their time.

No ads? What do you call the big “85% off” on the homepage today?

Brigadore has been on offer since the coin system started. Please get back on your meds.


The 85% off is for the game thats for sale today. Its an advertisement for the one thing that the company who’s website you are on is selling. If you have a problem with that you really should look up the clinical definition of “Narcissist”.


I dont see anything that can be concidered an ad?
unless your talking about the sale which would mean that steam and gog dont sell game they just have ads


When the coins system started on 3/8, we launched with four games. Hammerwatch (1000), Reigns (1500), Dustforce DX (2000), and Brigador (5000). Since that time we added one game, One Finger Death Punch (1000). No other games have been added and no costs have changed.

For people missing streaks, we’ve yet to find a case of someone missing a streak due to site error. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened, but in every case we’ve looked at the user missed the streak simply by not clicking the coin in time, typically due to confusion over when the daily reward resets (with the sale at 9AM Pacific) in comparison to their local timezone. In fact, we currently have many, many users with streaks of 14 days or longer. If we’re intentionally cutting people off, we’re doing a really bad job of it. In your specific case, you lost your streak on the 27th. You clicked the coin at ~7PM Central on the 26th, and again at ~8:30PM Central on the 28th.

As for the site having ads, well, I suppose technically our entire front page is an ad for the one game we sell every 24 hours. This has been, and continues to be, the primary purpose of for the last 13 months. You got us. Plot foiled.

I’m locking this thread as I have a feeling it’s going to devolve further. If you’d like to continue to discuss your streak, please PM me.