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Better games ?


I’m I the only one who isn’t really interested in the new coin shop games ?
When I first joins was much better
Such as red orchestra 2 ghost recon snipe 2 and other
Anyone else need better games ?


Yeah, you’re the only one. The one and only solitary person who has ever had any sort of gripe with the free games on offer.

It’s not like this exact post has been made every 2 weeks for 6 months or anything.
Welcome to the forums, try out the search function.


Tbh it’s a great system they have implemented but I don’t really like the games that’s all


Best thing to do is check in every 2 weeks and see what the selections are. Not every game is meant to appeal to all audiences. Hopefully next time they will be better for you.


Only one problem with that. Its been 4 weeks and they have not added a new game even though on top it says every 2 weeks.


Dead Age and Striker’s Edge were last time, they sold out.


Fake news!


Blockquote You are CLEARLY interested as you have gone to the pain of bringing the subject up once more!


They’re not free when you have to check the daily advertisement and click the coin. It’s not a lot of work but not free either. Time is money.


i just want Garfield kart to come back to the coin shop


yo @RaccoonV


Sweet Christmas!, we do have a lot of entitled people in our lovely community, don’t we? Excuse me, I need to sigh again.


im not entitled i just have a lust for Garfield kart


if something is free on the Internet, somebody else sure as heck is actually still paying for it - for eg. a sponsor who gets to stick an ad or whatever.

If you don’t like the stuff in the shop, there are TONS of other places to grab ‘free’ stuff. Do a little search and see.

Also, flips coin: the really “good” stuff in the coin shop can sell out really quickly and people complain then too. What to do? (That has also been a discussion here - an extensive one).

Just noting again, it’s best practice to do a Forum Search before creating a new topic. Handy for keeping all suggestions for improvement, and opinions too, in one tidy place. Cheers.


I am pretty sure @EyeQue is not talking about you. We all know your love for Garfield Kart. :smiley:


Skipping over the complaint itself, when did ever any AAA game hit the coin shop? The closest was Dead Cells. And it was “only” an indie hit. So, what the hell? Also, the recent games sold out really quickly, it seems that people actually like them. So… emm, that’s a strange post if I’ve ever seen one. Also #GiveGarfieldKartToCoinShop


These entitled yokels definitely need to get a new mindset to what “FREE” means. So okay, you don’t like the games on offer, then move on already! Is that too difficult!? Also if the game’s don’t interest you because “reasons”, then look for other “reasons” you might want them. Take me for example, sure I would like for a AAA game to be offered on the Coin Shop, but instead of being a whiny entitled Brat I just grab games on offer that drop Steam Trading cards. That way I can just farm the cards and sell them on the Steam Market for a few cents. Sure cards won’t net much money but at least it’s still money for nothing.


I just want to cover my bases, you can never be to careful now a days.


@KingJamezJr Ask and ye shall receive


OK… I want a million dollars.and world peace, @dusty and @RaccoonV.