Better games in store needed...

Some of the games are good but they are rare and sell quickly, I mean garfield cart? REALLY? The sniper game in recently was said to be one of the most boring games of 2017! I wish I had something worth spending my coins on, anything at all. Would be nice if trusted users could sell keys for coins so people can get some good games.

Believe it or not, I was just thinking about how there hasn’t been any topics like this in a good while (whereas last summer, people were bitching about the coin shop games on a weekly-basis). I wonder if my thoughts somehow manifested this thread :thinking:

But anyway, yeah, coin shop games aren’t always the greatest. Still, I am usually able to find one game every month or so worth spending coins on.



I think Chrono actually did something like that with the game hole a while back. Maybe they’ll do it again.

In general though, the quality of the games is determined in a large part by which developers decide to work with Chrono and which games devs decide to give out keys for. You’re not likely to see any high-demand games in the Coin Shop because if there’s a high demand for a game, there’s no sense in the developer giving it away. If there’s an obscure-ish game that you think would be a good fit in the Coin Shop and which you think could use the extra exposure, then contact the developer and tell them about Chrono!


Ah, that brings back memories :grin:

What ever happened to @nintendude794? He totally disappeared after that entertaining ‘debate’ with @Gnuffi.


Ultimately the real question for OP is why? Chrono isn’t a free games stop off point, it’s a digital vendor for a daily deal on a game. The free games are merely a bonus to encourage loyalty. If the promise of a bargain on a game isn’t compelling enough, and the potential for free games that are a billion times better than the Indie Gala giveaways don’t float your boat (leave Garfield alone!) then perhaps there are divergent goals for the parties involved.

Sure I’d like to see some awesome games in the coin shop but as @eishiya says, anything that’s selling or is popular is unlikely to get given away. If a game needs exposure, positive word of mouth or has a sequel coming out then maybe, just maybe you’ll see it pop up.


Same with @ZeroZ30o after the intensity of “I never never missed a day, your logs are wrong, the site didn’t register my press” we get

and nothing more, no other activity from that account since june last year, maybe they became a lurker or started a new account but some version of ‘Where Are They Now’ would be great for a few of the users here




i’d want unreal tournament 3 to be in the store.

its old but something good enough.