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BetaDwarf givaway - Forced Showdown or Forced: SBE 99 999 steam keys - 9 years anniversary


BetaDwarf is the dev studio. Just saying that if someone gets confused about something ;]

Happy anniversary to the devs and take advantage to grab some of those before they ran out of keys, because it seems this has been going on for more than 6 hours now.

those are the Games in question:


i was missing Forced Showdown from my BetaDwarf collection, so i appreciated this :+1:

and to people that play minion masters there is another free dlc on offer in the store during this promotion

(onebox doesn’t display 100% discount, but when you visit the page it’s free)


Just tried to no avail. Seems like it has ended. Was going to keep a key for someone who wanted it.


I saw comments that people had the same issues few hours ago and it was restocked … Maybe they give more keys in hourly intervals or at least I hope that’s what’s happening :confused:


i just did it minutes ago, are you sure you are doing the gleam thingy? it didn’t pop up for me at first (think was my addblocker or a ff change), once gleam sheet popped up and i connected i got it


Just says “this reward has ended.” Try disabling adblock didn’t help. Will try again at the turn of the hour, thanks @onLooSe. If I succeed I’ll post here so that the people in different timezones may grab a key with me.


aww sucks… i just checked, and the Slightly better edition was still available for me, but now the Showdown version does indeed say ended for me too :confused:


Managed to grab a spare key of Forced.

If you missed this deal because of your timezone – sleeping, working, living – please let me know in this thread that you’re interested in Forced and the key is yours. :+1:


Bots too fast


Seems to be restocked. I just got a key for Forced.


Just got the Minion Masters DLC’s. yawn Best head to bed soon. Cheers for the link @onLooSe.


Whelp I clearly saw this too late. The Forced Showdown must have ended a long time ago. Thanks for sharing anyway! :smiley:


FORCED: Slightly Better Edition works, I got a key thanks
And there is some free dlc for minion masters hmm I missed the last one haha but I havent exactly played that game xP