Best ways to make Money?

So, my parents said they won’t buy me games.I have to get money and buy them myself.Since I am a teen, I really can’t get a job in Tesco’s (it’s like Walmart) So is there any to make money, preferably online? (Legitimately.)


Check the legal working age permitted by the law of your country/state and find a part-time job. It’s the safest bet to make some money. Best of luck! :money_mouth:


You can always offer to do chores for extended family members for money. Before I started working a summer job between college semesters, I would mow my uncle’s lawn for money (and actually I still do occasionally even though I’m working almost full time now).

Another potential option could be little league sports announcing. I’m not sure how common it is but when I was in middle school I got paid to announce or work the scoreboard for the majors games of my local little league baseball park. I don’t think it really counted as a “job” as I never had to do any employee paperwork, just got a check after the games.

I also think Newspaper Delivery is usually a job that has is allowed to hire under the typical legal working age. I remember one of my friends doing that, but don’t remember at what age.

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i think i was 13 when i got my first legal job (newspaper delivery boy), despite the working age requirement being 16 (for “real” work)
depending on your country regulations there are usually some type of mild jobs you can legally hold at a young age
and if there is none you can always go the old fashion route as mentioned, with chores or babysitting, mowing peoples lawns, garden/cleaning work, general stuff around peoples house +cars, etc.
if you got spare time and live near farms or stuff like that, they usually don’t mind paying for helping around the place, even if being a kid, just know it can be hard work
if you live in a city, kiosk or smaller private grocery stores/shops can be a place to swing a broom or work in the back and get “compensated” for helping around, just know because it isn’t technically legal employment, they can at times screw you over with the “reward”, be aware of what you get yourself into and willing for any possibly consequences
just never let work take time/energy away from school tho


If you are very patient and want to make very little you can make some money by doing surveys or video watching at a few sites. The pay is horrible especially for video watching but its something you can do from the comfort of where ever. Some friends told me I was crazy for working at some of those sites for as little as 25-50 cents an hour at times but I did end up making $300-400 before I couldn’t stand it any more. On the up side if your on a roll qualifying for surveys you might make $2-3 per hour.

If your silly enough to work at sites like that I can message you a few. Havn’t used them in around 3+ years myself since I got put on SS but the sites still exist.

I’ve done survey sites in the past and made hundreds over the years but given that OP is a minor they will find they get knocked out of a lot of surveys and may not even be able to sign up at some sites.

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You only have to be 14 to work at McDonald’s. At least, that’s the case in my state. Assuming it’s the same where you live, that would be the first place I’d start looking for work.

Try yardwork if you live in an area like that. Just try to identify someone who needs some and is willing to ‘hire’ you and just mow the lawn, do weeds and the like. I made $25 - $50 a week for that before I landed a minimum wage job.

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If you are just looking to buy yourself games with your money, have you tried doing surveys online? I’m not sure what the legal age is but if you need to be older, you could ask your parents/guardians to allow them to set up an account to earn credit it that way.

When I was unemployed due to ill health a few years back I used to do them to earn Amazon Vouchers, which can be redeemed digitally if you wanted. It can take a while to earn enough points to cash them in but if you are online anyway, why not give it a try?

This is the site I used, My Survey and they are a UK based company, which I assume that is where you are from, judging by your mention of Tesco. It is 100% legitimate but sometimes you may not qualify for certain surveys, based on your age, location etc.

Give it a try?

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Bing Rewards and I have 70 dollars in amazon cards from those two, which in turn enabled me to buy 50 dollar steam gift card.

Or, you can lie about yourself and get more money from your surveys. Surveys usually look for middle aged white people who own small businesses and two cars :+1:

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Hey @DemonNinja you see all those survey recommendations? Most of them are useless and unusually time-taking and really boring. Go to or just buy bitcoins and wait on em.

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Have you done them before? They are not useless if you are getting something for your efforts. Of course, they are boring, most of the time, do you expect to have fun when “Legitimately,” Earning something?

I was part of ongoing assistance in marketing for the game Hitman Absolution at the time I did it, I didn’t find that boring and I got £20 Amazon voucher, for around an hour of work once I was finished.

Sure, set the kid on a path of being lazy when earning for themselves. We really need more of them in Britain. The kid wants help earning for themselves, you are encouraging laziness.

Good Job! :thumbsup:

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I do a lot of surveys. I am requesting over 100.00 from one next week. Last time I cashed it out was right before Christmas and I got 90.00. It takes time and it’s boring but I get a lot of free things/books etc plus extra money.Today I made 5.50. You just let it accumulate.

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Yup I’ve been with swagbucks since i was <10 and perk since i was 11
Oh and bing rewards is engaging and sometimes fun
Volkno is movie/tv trailers which are pretty fun.

@delenn13 where do you do your surveys if you don’t mind me asking?

I have been doing them for about 16 years. Seen them come and go and some rip you off or close and don’t bother letting anyone know.

Not going to give links because i am not sure how Chrono feels about this…

The ones with decent pay offs are Global Test Market(that is the one I am getting the big payout), Pinecone Research(they pay 3.00 a survey), MintVine and Neilsen Homescan(Do surveys and span your groceries and other stuff for points). I have more but they have changed how they pay or they are slow to accumulate the points etc…

If you’re looking for guaranteed work, look for an “online-freelancer finder” that’s set where you live and nail it down to within your street area, the jobs can consist of making someone a website or pruning their trees, but if you know you’re capable of it and present yourself as such, then they won’t mind how old you are, just make sure to tell your parents before you do anything.

Otherwise there’s always asking your family if they know anyone that’s in search of for some extra hands, you’d be surprised.

But to be honest; I’d probably stay away from surveys, this is even if they’re guaranteed 100%. You’re doing way too much work for below minimum pay and your time is worth spent literally anywhere looking for something that does pay more.

Just my 2 cents, but good luck out there buddy!

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This thread has been awfully serious and helpful… so far.

Breaking and entering might not sound very profitable, but it’s all about what you DO with it. The point isn’t just trespassing but the larceny prospects the activity opens up. You might be tempted to pick up credit cards left lying around since you need the money for steam games and all, it’d certainly be the directly easiest way to move money from other people to goods of yours. But since your steam profile is linked to you it’s going to be far too easy to find you and your account will undoubtedly be shut down.

So you’ll want to go for things that can be pawned off and easy to carry out, like jewelry, small pieces of art or silverware. Though if you do go for silverware then make sure it’s not just crap they got from IKEA. Learn how to identify actual silver and when you lift it make sure you get the full kit, incomplete sets wont get you as much. Usually a set of 12 or 16 or knives, forks, spoons and tea spoons is the basic most common set, fancier sets might also come with a sallad fork, butter knives and any number of other things no one ever needed.

Since you’re just doing this as a hobby you’re unlikely to have proper access to real fences though so while you’ve probably been told things like cellphones and other tech is very attractive to steal I would recommend against it. Pawn shops wont give you much for it, especially not if you can’t unlock them. People put a lot of information and digital tools on their phones that are very useful to them but not worth shit to you, so it’s just kind of a dick move.

Once you’re out find a seedy pawnshop, the seedier the better, they’re less likely to care about your age or the source of the stuff. A seedy place likely wont give you as much for the goods though but there’s no reason to be greedy here, you wont be able to pay steam in silverware after all.

Now you’ve been to some pretty seedy places in town and haggled with people of real ill repute, but I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. Next up you’re going to have to visit a Gamestop or similar establishment. The trick is to not let the shock of entering such a hive of scum and villainy show on your face or they’re going to tear you limb from limb until you’ve preordered everything you never wanted. Get some steam cards and with a strong unwavering commitment say “That will be all, thank you”. You might have to repeat the phrase a couple of times, but that should get you out with what you came for.

Good luck and hope you’ll manage to find a suitable solution to your financial predicament.

Failing all that there’s always pr… On second thought you’re a minor so nevermind.

(Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is supposed to be taken as any sort of actual advice, except for the part about gamestop)


The best thing I ever got from doing surveys was a crate of both new and old flavors of Fanta which I had to rate and compare on multiple different factors. It was pretty cool having the survey also be the reward, sort of. Most of the surveys I took part in only allowed you to enter a prize draw at the end, never won anything from them.

RMT (real money trade) is also a possibility if you play a game that supports it or at least enables it. My best experience with this was when Diablo 3 still had the real money auction house. Made back the cost of the game and then some. A friend even got so lucky that he made over a 100 € from a single insanely good drop. Whether this is good for the in-game economy or not is another discussion entirely.

And finally, this is where you get the big monies: During Steam winter and summer sales you can get 3 sale specific cards per day. These sell for ~7 cents on the marketplace (€) leaving you with 5 cents after each sale! That’s 15 cents a day, and if the sale goes on for around two weeks that’s a whopping 2.1 € of pure profit :astonished:. Also, if you manage to get some free games from giveaways etc., you can also sell those cards so the game even PAYS YOU for playing it! Zoinks!