Best PC game.

What do you think is the best game that’s been released on PC? New PC player (only joined the master race 2 1/2 months ago) here, so I wanted to know which games are good and which ones are bad.


FTL: Faster than light. Its perfect if you like dying in space


Spider-Man 2 for PC.



We’ve had a few topics like this before. Though I suppose the PC limitation is new.
It would however change my answer that I’ve given before so I’ll humour you.

I could go back in my years of playing games and pick something that held great value to me as a child and while I still think that some of those games are still among the best things I’ve ever played, chances are they’re not necessarily going to hold up to scrutiny from a modern era gamer. Syndicate, Transport tycoon, Theme hospital, Quake, Mech Commander, there’s a pretty long list of amazing old games.

So my #1 recommendation rather than favourite game to a new gamer. Witcher 3.
While I would actually recommend playing all 3 games in order, it’s not entirely necessary and they all have a number of problems that some might find breaks the enjoyment of the titles entirely. But all 3 games suited my tastes in an fantastical way. As a series they’re definitely the franchise I’ve enjoyed the most.

Why though? you might ask.
Witcher is open world done right. I don’t know how much console games you’ve played in the past, since you’ve specified you’re new to PC. Maybe you’ve already played a lot of open world games or ubisoft sandboxes. Well Witcher 3 has all the good things about an open world, there’s plenty of space to explore a lot of beautiful sights to behold and interesting events to happen upon. But it’s not an icon collectathon and you’re not falling into the mmo traps of collecting X number of bear arses for side quests, or other obvious busy work.

It has all the good things from a well directed scripted story oriented game. Every side quest has as much if not more thought put into it than entire main quests from some games. The various story lines you’ll come across range from horror to comedy though most of them are tragic as are the lives and stories that the game is hewn from. There are some real moments where you might stop to ask yourself if you’re really doing the right thing here and moments where doing what seems to be the clearly right thing at the time has unforeseen and horrible consequences.

Most of these things though depends a little on how you engage with the game, sure if you skip through dialogs and ignore text quests and just follow the GPS trial and minimap icons instead then it wont feel very engaging. But if you do that and find the game isn’t good then I’d say you haven’t engaged with more than the 1/10th of the game the minimap presents.

So play The Witcher, delve into the world, soak it in and let the game take you on a wonderful journey for 200h, at least!

Yeah this was me trying to keep it short. There’s so much I’d like to say about Witcher 3 and the previous games. But who’s going to read all that?


That’s really, really open-ended. Might I suggest you specify what genres do you like? There are dozens of other questions one could ask to drill it down more, but that’s a good start.

I have most of my Steam hours in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization V. (Both are strategy games and have sequels published 2016, but I haven’t had much time.)


I feel like that’s an impossible question to answer, not just for me from a subjective standpoint, but even more as a recommendation type thing or a “top ranking/favourite”
not to mention impossible to put one as the “Nr.1” (but going by other threads seems that might just be me with that issue) :thinking:
you see, the subjective part of games is a huge deal, :scream_cat:
what one like might not be the same as others, so i could recommend you WoW because i spend like 5 years playing it, and you’d end up trying it for a month, but still feel like you had completely wasted your time
Could recommend you Dune, Red Alert (1+2) C&C Generals, Starcraft 1+SC2, Warcraft 3+Frozen Throne or even Rome Total War, Total War: SHOGUN 2+FOTS(standalone) because they are mighty fine RTS games (tho total war goes a bit further than that)
could say should check out shooters like old Doom 1+2, or even the Doom 2016 because they are great shooters. Likewise CoD 4 (original), and Counter Strike is superb even tho completely different shooters all together
Etc. etc. etc… :ghost:
Not only are there so many genres, but there are so many sub genres and games within each that touches on more, that I couldn’t even recommend you just 1 genre alone either
and all that even before having even a sense of what you’re into? impossible i tell you. :triumph:
:spy: Even with a ton of data i’d still be hard pressed to “only” just give you 3 games to play.
PLAY THEM ALL. :heart_eyes_cat:
New, Old, soooo many good games, where does one even begin when going down the rabbit hole :dizzy_face:
What tastes to you have, what are your prior experiences, are you a snickers or mars bar kind of person, pepsi or coke, Chardonnay or Bordeaux, team red or team green?
do you like portals do you like orcs do you like traps? in that case Orcs Must Die takes care of all that. But you might just prefer Wheatley or Glados, cake, lies or not :joy_cat:
Maybe your name is Stanley and you just prefer the parable of walking in circles
I own well over 500 games, how could i ever hope to recommend others just 5 to play, much less only 1? :confounded:


Hands down


oohhh i remember that! :heart_eyes_cat:
aww, remember the days when Windows actually came with a few games? :thinking:
Nostalgia goggles ftw! :upside_down:
man… i kinda miss DX-Ball right now lol

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It is going to depend on what you like to play, mate. I joined the Masterrace for gaming myself just 2 years ago and the reason I did that was to play XCOM 2. I loved the first one, a game I was never interested in playing up until I did, the second takes what the first did and turned it up to eleven.

That’s one more than 10.

So basically, I highly recommend XCOM 2


hear hear!
Xcom 2 was one of the few games i paid full price for that year and didn’t wait for a sale, and even more rare, one of the few games i didn’t regret paying full price for
if into turn based tactics, (and not prone to get aneurysms from RNG) then Xcom is definitely worthy


The first new XCOM remake is one of those games that I bought on launch because I love the old games. But I was kind of disappointed in it and have as of yet played the 2nd one.

I didn’t find the inclusion of character classes very appealing with their upgrades and powers, in the original you had to really keep an eye on how your troops developed over time and make decisions on how to equip them and who were suited for what roles. This meant you really got to know your teams as you inspected them at a personal level and remembering their names and stats was useful to you. It also however made them more interchangeable or replaceable, your best rifle man is out with wounds right now? well you can just give another recruit a rifle, or you find you need heavy explosives, send a guy back to your landing craft and pick up that extra rocket launcher you brought.

The single base and lacking so much of the out of combat game play the original games had also felt like a large draw back to me. Part of what the first two X-COM titles did that was so engaging to me was that they were both a management game and a turn based tactical combat game, I felt like the new ones dropped the ball on the management side of things.

And I’m not saying these things because I’m all afflicted with nostalgia either, I still play the old games from time to time. I played Terror from the deep as late as last summer.


Aye? Lol.

I bought a PC to play it as it was not coming to console anytime soon and I had fallen out of love with them anyway, so I had a choice, PC and play XCOM 2 in Feb 2016 or buy a PS4 or Xbox One and be pissed off with myself for buying either a few months down the road.
So I went with the PC, bought XCOM 2 and haven’t looked back towards a console since. I think after you get away from consoles, you never really go back, save maybe for exclusives but even then, I still haven’t bothered with them this generation.

By the way I’m chuffed that you said “Hear, hear,” You have no idea how much that bugs me when you see people say here, here.

Hey, I’ve never claimed to be above sweating the small stuff. Lol.

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Fair enough, the second one addresses a lot of those issues you speak of. I still don’t think it has the depth the older ones have but it is a vast improvement over one and with Steam Workshop support and Long War 2 recently developed, it is well worth it.

I can’t recommend it enough.

well, at least they didn’t do such a massive switch up as in Fallout style (or is that what Gears is?) :joy_cat:
so guess we can be a tiny bit relieved about that it kept something still even if not all

F.E.A.R., definitely! :smiley: If you like horror and action and awesome slow-mo abilities. And explosions.


not fear 3 tho, right? dang that sequel was a disappointment to me… :unamused:

Yeah, I wasn’t too pleased about the third game either.
But 1 and 2 is amazing :smiley: (I am replaying them again at the moment :grimacing:)


No minesweeper?



12/10 times i always died on the first click, nothing makes your frustrations explode more than blowing up from the get go :smile_cat:

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Best PC exclusive? Wizardry 8. It was a fantastic accomplishment in its day and still holds up with the best of them, in my opinion. It’s not a perfect game in terms of balance, but it’s the best RPG I’ve ever played, period. And yes, I have played all of your favorite RPGs.

Best PC game that has also been released on other platforms? Well, my favorite is Shovel Knight. If you don’t own it, you should.