Best Co-op games for 2+ people



Excellent game but not a co-op game. The characters are split up on one controller and having only one person control both is pretty important plot wise for the ending.


Wow, I’ve been living a lie all these years. Haven’t played it, but I heard everyone saying its co-op. Little did I know… its a co-op singleplayer. Sad, because I was about to play it with someone…

Real co-op games I played and recommend is Borderlands 2 and Torchlight II.


7 Days to Die
Space Engineers
Ultimate Chicken Horse
No Man’s Sky
Scrap Mechanic
Duck Game
Conan Exiles
For The King
Tower Unite
Stardew Valley
Human Fall Flat
Payday 2
The Escapists 2
Pulsar Lost Colony
Stick Fight
Don’t Starve Together
Satellite Reign
Pummel Party
Pit People
Death Squared
Sea of Thieves
Minecraft Dungeons
Ark:Survival Evolved
Gears 5
State of Decay 2
World War Z
Trine series
The Forest

I know many of these were already mentioned but was just listing some of the ones we have enjoyed.


Thanks again everyone for all the options, I’m still looking through them. Theres one game i found out about a while ago but isn’t out yet, but has a planned release for next month. ‘Isles of Adalar’ Its an open world co-op or single player game set in a fantasy RPG world. It looks really cool and has a demo on steam. I haven’t played it yet (Its downloading) They plan to support up to 4 player co-op in the future. This game also features amazing mod support and an in game level editor.

Not gonna lie i completely forgot about this game until today. When i was going through my steam wishlist and saw it there, it sparked that interest again.


This seems pretty good


[Edit: Wow I didn’t realize i had typed so much]
Okay I played the Demo. The game looks cool, it runs very well I got a solid 170 FPS. However I don’t really like it now. The movement is very strange, combat is quite annoying. i went with the default stuff mostly, so i got the knight class right click was shield attack was left click.

Here’s the main thing I didn’t like about it, you’re character does some strange lunge forward attack. So after I got out of the main area there was a group of I don’t know bandits or something. Because of that lunge attack I would always be sent into the middle of them and all of a sudden I was being hit from all sides.

In the menus there was so much going on it was overwhelming. Text all over the place, boxes everywhere. The camera movement sucks. When you go to loot something it resets to a default position, getting close to walls had affected it in a strange way as well, I don’t know how to explain it.

Default brightness was very low, I had to up it to max so see in some areas. Character creator had limited options, which in some cases may be a good thing, but from what was there, the human was the only one that had a bunch of options, maybe in the full game there will be more for the other races. The level up screen was basic, not a bad thing but the amount of skills was another thing that was overwhelming. There were so many to chose from.

Oh and back to those bandits, they ended up killing me, and the screen said ‘YOU ARE DEAD’ but nothing was happening. I couldn’t do anything but open the pause menu and select the options there, the YOU ARE DEAD actually got in the way of one of them, anyway I ended up just closing the game since that was pretty much the only option I had.

Now for the things I did like. Smithing,enchnating, alchemy, there all simple and straight forward. The land itself was very nice, it looked like something that I would want to wonder through aimlessly. The traits to your character, well a couple of them seemed really cool, like this lore master trait allowing you to discover a lot of the lore in the universe (Also a very easy way to get your speech skill up). The other traits however all seemed to revolve around bribery, intimidation or debate. So i think there needs to be more variety there, unless of course the traits are suppose to only revolve around speech.

To end things off, the game looked really cool with a lot of strange charcvers, 2 player co-op (4 in the future), mod support, level editor, and many more things but over all in this demo that was not a good first impression of the game. Hopefully things will improve by the time it launches, but as of right now this isn’t a game I’ll be buying any time soon sadly. I was really hoping to have another really cool medieval fantasy type game, and one i could enjoy with friends.


Most of what I would suggest would not be PC-related and/or console-exclusive…
(most of my gaming experience is console gaming after all)

If via Steam or any other distro platform, I can’t really say that there are any that I can attest to on a personal level, but I can say from non-distro platforms that there are a few likely not mentioned gems I would recommend a try.

THUG Pro (A well-made and maintained mod that uses THUG 2 for the code base)
Pokémon Crystal Clear (a well-made and maintained ROM hack that turns the game into an open-world experience and is link compatible as well as original hardware compatible)
GT2 Plus (An ISO mod of the PAL release of Gran Turismo 2-currently Simulation Mode only-that has two levels of modding, one that removes all the bugs but keeps everything vanilla and the other that fixes all the bugs but adds a lot of removed content)


Also Torchlight III is out, its good, worth $20 in its current state


Resident Evil 5-6 -resident evil revelation raid mode /both rev1 and 2)- world war z - Sanctum 1-2 - Old but great for coop-Lord of the rings war of the north- Left 4 deads 2 - Deep rock dungeons - Vermintide 1 and 2 and Ghost recon wastland (should be good /tried only free weekend my potato can’t run it properly)


seems cool, i wishlist it too—a bit Outworld styel


A couple of questions about Torchlight III, if you’re currently playing it.

  1. Can you find an item with one class and equip it on another character, like having a shared inventory?
  2. Is there trading with other players or some kind of auction house system when playing online?


@dast Shared stash is a thing since Torchlight I, about trading tho, haven’t tried it yet. I guess its there, as its always been.
The new classes however feel so weird. The Dusk Mage is great so far, the others, not doing it for me.


I’m not playing it just yet since there’s going to be a wipe but I know Sharpshooter and Dusk Mage are the most played classes atm. There’s still a skills rework later though so things might change and they’re also changing how the train follows the Railmaster somewhat.