Bento2 Bundle at Fanatical ($4.99)

This is pretty decent, if you find the game in there agreeable with your tastes. :smiley:

Here’s a quick screenshot so you don’t have to click on it to see the games:


Detention is great and I highly recommend it if light horror is your calling. Graphically great and atmospherically eerie, it takes you to places you wouldn’t initially guess by it synopsis.

I learned a lot about Asian culture and religion through Detention and I strongly recommend going in with an open mindset that is willing to understand horror in another culture’s light.

Gave me a similar vibe from these movies, in case anyone has seen them or has played the game and is looking for a similar energy:

An Elephant Sitting Still

The Wailing

I Saw the Devil

Not exactly begging and not absolutely desperate, but if anyone happens to have a spare The Coma key, please let me internal horrific guts know so that I may feed. :key:


I recently snagged Detention elsewhere, but a lot of these look pretty cool… And then there’s KOF. Iori. much purr Not sure if K’ is in that one too. That would be: more purr. :heart:


Once again I’m loving your taste. =^_^=