Before you complaint about Coin Shop(or broken streak), take 10secs, and also consider

A small compilation of user issues and often raised or just similar posts
since new free Coin Shop games is soon to be released, and i really really reeeaaally love beating a dead horse <—sarcasm btw, i thought about making a little compendium

Not that all complaints are invalid or unreasonable, not that you don’t have the rights to voice them, sometimes a lot is just either repeating or in the same general area, and sometimes some villagers rush to sharpen their pitchforks before taking somethings into consideration

Lets start with

Coin shop game value, quality of games,
(ignore the https://commu&hellip it’s a formatting error from discourse because that post has a link in it “close” enough to the top to be included but just far down enough to be cut off halfway through, click the title link instead)
Chrono has (so far) yet to feature a “bad” game in the Coin Shop, (going by majority of user reviews),
and objective value varies, but it’s certainly there for most of the games,
the subjective value is entirely up to you, and the subjective game-to-Coin value is also yours to decide if worth, but by any and all accounts these are still technically FREE games. (and i will no longer argue the definition of “free” because the games are free even if you think otherwise)
And constantly featuring only positive rated games for free can’t be as easy as you might think, otherwise other giveaway sites would likely do it more and not just feature mainly below 50% rated games like most do,
so maybe remember to appreciate Chrono and their staff for their effort.

###“losing a coin streak”
Not disregarding a possible bug, but please do keep in mind humans(yes you too) are prone to err, and “timing” can be a big factor here too
couple of posts for you to possibly read through, also suggest reading down to where the coin log examples are shown from Chrono, which highlights the “timing” issue you can encounter

Coin shop “release date/time”

“games are released on the shop every 20,160 minutes”, but!:
that said, games seem to release mostly on Friday every 2 weeks, sometimes pushed to Saturday (i think there was a Thursday and Sunday in there too at some point), and keep in mind the exact “day” might be different for you because of timezone, but in general it’s within Thurs-Fri-Saturday time frame
(so next is possibly Friday July 28th then add +2 weeks going from there)

###Can’t “purchase”/get game from Coin Shop
Sometimes games sell out fast, Chrono features limited amount of keys for each game
Sometimes you might just need to refresh the page or clear cache
or busy site so
Sometimes you have a family and maybe thus legit multiple accounts in the same household, but
Sometimes Chrono have locked your account from being able to get Coin shop games because of a reason they have determined, which could be “duplicate account” issues
(also maybe don’t use throwaway/temporary email accounts, it could just cause you hassle later

###Games sold out
Chrono’s Coin shop features games with limited availability of keys
And so far the system works on a come-first-serve-first basis (suggestions have already been made in the past for other systems too)
This is not uncommon or different from many other giveaways with decent or good quality games, but you might feel annoyed seeing a game you might have wanted being sold out right form under your nose
Chrono Coin Shop is a work in progress and they have said they are looking into fine tuning it a bit more so free games don’t run out of stock so fast. This however does not mean/guarantee a switch to unlimited keys, or even when or even if the system takes place or changes (many user suggestions have also been made on this topic)

If you sign up for Chrono’s Newsletter you will get notified via mail when new Coin shop games are released, which might help you with getting quicker in to be served first,
a couple of users have also provided other ways of getting Chrono Daily Deal notifications (which might also help with Coin shop)

Always good to check out the FAQ of a site if in doubt
and if you have any question, issues, suggestions, or other stuff or silliness, the Chrono community is in general very welcoming,
the forum also has a browse/search feature (top right corner magnifying glass icon) so you can maybe find something said/asked/answered already that you too were considering
and don’t forget there is always official support at

I’m not a Chrono employee/affiliate, these are just the compilations and opinions of a User noticing much duplicate posting and certain similar complaints/issues
all complaints and criticism are (probably) welcome on Chrono, but do think about why/what you might be about to say (it might even be posted before), and consider some of the above topics/things first


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