Battlefield V Reveal!

“EA; paywalling release dates, because gamers should be fleeced like sheep” :money_mouth_face:

-i just can’t respect or sympathize with anyone that “allows” this to be done to them, and i hope this game thoroughly sucks and burns down covered in white phosphorous
fck publishers and their evergrowing despicable bs practices :triumph:


Oh, did you only want to pay $60 for the game? Well then you need to be punished with an arbitrary 2 week wait before you get to play, fuck you and your $60.


Mass Effect Andromeda did the same thing. How is that different than preorder-exclusive closed betas? At least keys are distributed for actual interest in the game instead of having a closed beta where preorders are left out and random collectors get keys pulled out of a hat.

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I learned my lesson with Andromeda (though I knew BFV was going to be trash that’s another discussion). I mean, it was Mass Effect so if I had to learn my lesson on a game I’m glad it was on a series I earnestly loved to death, but good gracious lord almighty, it was an atracious launch full of lies. How many times did they lie to customers on twitter specifically, especially for the character creator, saying it would be better than DA:I when it was almost as bad as Mount & Blade: Warband? I would have demanded my money back if I didn’t know how much of a drag it was to go through the process and didn’t fear them deleting my account like seemed to happen “accidentally” to so many others on reddit.

But this…this is unacceptable behavior. How you buy the game guarentees a different approach to when you get to play it? This is madness. EA needs to burn to the ground.


dude, this isn’t some beta man, it’s early access to the full release lol; u cant compare that


I think I can, considering most of the betas I’ve played recently come mere weeks before release. The only difference is that keys are distributed to Origin Access Premier players that are paying for that privilege versus just giving it out randomly regardless of the fact that the guy who just spent $60 won’t get access.

Not to mention, if this weren’t the case, I highly doubt that you would see the game come out on early access debut. It would come out at the intended date as scheduled.

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Also props to you for not making enemies with EA. It took that Reddit thread to finally get my account back after weeks, maybe even a month of silence.

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no, just no

rant in

that is not the case here and you know it, this is not a beta, this is not “early access”, this is full on release date, that is gated off and segregated in tiers, deliberately, to psychologically manipulate a segment of customers into if not jumping on their ridic expensive Origin Premier, then “at least” shell out for the pathetically inflated “deluxe” edition,(which has nothing more than what amounts to preorder bonuses this time due to lack of season passes and whatnot), in order to “actually” play the full game at its due date, well 1week later than its due date, unlike the unworthy scum peasants that has the audacity to only fork over 60$ for EA’s marvelous gold encrusted pearls that they so graciously bestow upon humanity
it’s pathetic, it’s disgusting and utterly reprehensible in its obvious and blatant anti consumer disrespect, straight up wiping their arse with customers wallets while smearing it in their face
and there is just no excuse, 0, nada, and i refuse any remote defending of a corporate entity or their practices as such, while they step by step increment out each new sleazeball bs. It’s a billion dollar corporation -it does not warrant apologetic (or “accepting”) customers
and imo this bs has got to stop, because the more people let businesses get away with bs like this, year on year, the worse it fcn gets, -remember the days when we scoffed and laughed at horsearmour, look at were we are now and only so far, fck that noise

rant out