Battlefield 2042

The next Battlefield game has finally been revealed. And oh boy am I hyped. I haven’t been this excited about a Video Game, for a long time. I have rewatched this trailer so many times. I did the same thing with Battlefield 1 reveal trailer, It was just so good.


I can’t wait to see some actual gameplay this Sunday. Sadly there isn’t a campaign this time around which is very unfortunate because this game takes place in a future setting so there could have been a ton of creative freedom with it. There is a story going alongside this game, however, it’s through lore… I guess and will be expanded through seasonal content. If you’re curious to know some of the story, you can find it at the following link alongside a lot of other information about the game.
How We Got Here – Battlefield 2042 History – Electronic Arts

For additional information that can’t be found on the website…

PS: There is no Battle Royale!!!


I am not a Battlefield player, but I hope the release date will be before 2042, for those who want to play.


Lol, I certainly hope that’s not the case. (It’s supposed to release October 22nd this year)


No singleplayer? ehhhmmm


Yea its unfortunate, missed opportunity in my opinion. Since its set in the future, there really aren’t that many limitations so they could have made something truly special. But you know EA, singleplayer apparently makes no money.