Nioh for $15 is looking really tempting right now, on steam.

Which is Koei Techmo and not Bandai namco, so… nevermind I guess.


Bruh. You and me both. Nioh is so very cool. Samurai Sekiro (and came before).


This sale has some really good prices on the Tales of series of games, unfortunate that all the recent entries in it are tarnished by denuvo and it’s never getting removed by the looks of it.


Nuts. I got those splitting costs with a Chronie in a BYOB Namco Sale. Thought that’s what this was at first, but alas, nay.


That honestly annoys me to no end because I own everything I know about after Symphonia EXCEPT Beseria and World (cuz lol Vita). And I would buy Beseria in a heartbeat if Denuvo wasn’t in it.


there is also
looks like it has some “waifu” stuff for you 2d lovers :face_with_monocle: - and bunch other games ofc


I thought singles day was February 14th. Oh wait.

Ah yes Anime grillz with large… Tracts of land.