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Aztez & Kingdom Come: Deliverance free @Epic Games Store



Free Now till - Feb 20 at 11:00 AM EST.


Free next week, Feb 20 - Feb 27…


What kind of silly description is this?

And thanks for the heads up on the new games! :smiley:


More details and a recommendation from one of our very own…


Don’t knock Faeria! Great lil game, surprising depth of strategy, and there are even sponsored tournaments with cash prizes. Not sure if that’s all died down and if the EGS giveaway is just the death knell of a dying game, but it for sure used to be quite active. :poop:

Unrelated: I’m mildly annoyed at the way Epic is handling DLC on their store. Only being able to buy 1 piece at a time, sometimes coming with the free game sometimes not, and even worse most deals (like the Christmas $10 off) aren’t eligible on DLC…why? Please Epic, I’ve been very sparing for over a year with my complaints and criticism, and very patient waiting for necessary features (cart, mods, reviews, file management) yet they continue to drag their feet implementing the most basic of tools. The free games were a gesture of goodwill and I took them as such, but it was meant to be an appeasement while you fixed your client! Fix your damn platform! :poop:


OMG yes! KCD! I’ve been wanting that so bad. I had it on console but it’s definitely not a game meant for console. I can’t wait to get into that.


Well…I mean I own it on GOG and Steam, but should I cave and make it a third? Hmmmmmmm. :thinking:


KCD really needs mods to fix it’s various issues and i doubt EGS has anything like steam’s workshop.


Ah! So it’s a good game but needs mods? Is that why I didn’t hear too great things about it?

I have Faeria on Steam, never played it though - just thought “pretty card game”. O_o


I definitely was not taking a jab at the game itself. I am amused by the linked description that I think ought to have other words occupy the space itself. I have been meaning to play it, just haven’t had time to yet!


It’s an amazing game ( you can read my review of it on steam if you are curious for more ) but it has a lot of technicall issues with which mods really help with.


Thanks, Geeky :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation: