Awful captchas

Dear Admins
pleeeease consider changing the captcha/loosen it somehow.
Every day I have to log in twice into your site and every damn time I have to solve like 10 to 20 of these damned captchas and I can’t stand wasting minutes on this all the time, my gawd, it’s so awful. Everything else on this website, great, but this makes it a pain in the arse to log in. :tired_face:


but pls consider it anyway, I’m being serious about how annoying it is :sweat:

Something is very wrong there, I log in like once a month or something and have to solve one captcha.

What is your set up? Are you using a VPN? What version is your browser? If you are solving the captcha correctly why are you getting another one?

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I almost always get another one. It’s always click all tiles with cars/street signs/store fronts. It says I did it wrong pretty much every time, too. lol. No matter what I do. No VPN, Vivaldi…maybe it’s cause of the auto fill in for log in details I’m using?

the only reason you would be solving captchas multiple times daily is if you’re not saving the cookie/local permission thingy, like me, -intentionally
suggest altering your browser settings so you only have to do it once in a blue moon like most the other users here

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I will try changing the settings, I thought it’s normal to solve one every time :sweat_smile:

i’m trying to find the post with the “name” of the setting that allows storing the local stuff thingy that got changed -in case you don’t find it in browser settings yourself first :wink:

found it
(click the “box” then click the “spoiler arrow >” for a browser to see solution


Yeah I think I found the right setting even though I think Vivaldi’s settings are a mess compared to FF and Chrome. Let’s hope I won’t have to solve them everytime anymore hehe. Thanks for the help Gnuffi ^^

Hopefully that works it’s really not supposed to be the way you describe.

I’m also using Vivaldi and everything’s working fine with the default settings – which Gnuffi suggested you switch to – so I wholeheartedly believe you shouldn’t have any more problems with it from now on. :slight_smile:

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Hehe yeah, I had messed around with the settings when I downloaded it, but since most websites worked just fine without cookies being saved all the time I forgot about it :sweat_smile:

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I thought this was going to be about street signs. :smile: Those things seem to be impossible to solve on the first (or second try).


BTW, an actual educational video on the subject:


IKR! They are freaking impossible! But I get that even with cars and store fronts Lmao feels bad

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Captcha always was a horrible monstrosity.


if only i could give you 2 likes for a dunkey reference + about topic :joy:


Damn, I feel sorry for you man. For me I only have to relog once every 2-3 months and even then I don’t have to complete a captcha, only tick a box that says I’m not a bot.

Yeah, thanks to the hint to turn on cookies permanently, I finally am saved from captcha :smiley: This crap really is awful, especially when the pics you click SUPER SLOWLY fade away and you gotta be patient which isn’t my strength tbh -.-