Awesomenauts Has Gone Free-To-Play

Awesomenauts Has Gone Free-To-Play

I got this game a long time ago in a Humble Bundle, so It’s not like I paid a lot for it. So not going to complain; but,boy some are.

Here is what RPS has to say about it.

“Players who bought Awesomenauts have received a special virtual medal and portrait to show off, plus a skin for the drop pod characters spawn from. Folks who bought Awesomenauts and both its expansions will get all characters free now and ever. I believe other players get to keep heroes they had already unlocked (characters were locked to account levels).”

Get it here on Steam…


Really good game, or at least it was, i’m personally not a fan of a lot of stuff they did to reduce match length among other things but to be fair, i havent played it in a long time and its been even longer since i played it for more than a few matches.

For the low low price of free check it out people and lemme know if you wanna continue playing it with someone, used to be pretty good.

Hopefully all my base game heroes will be unlocked as i think i prestiged and am a low level now, could be wrong.

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You own all nauts that you had potential access to at the time of the transition.
So if you had just the base game (no expansions) you will have all non-expansion characters [20/29]
If you had starstorm you will have [25/29] nauts (starstorm and base)
same for overdrive but since it only had 4 you will have [24/29]
and if you had both you will have an automatic All-Nauts Pack unlocked (aprox. value 29.99€) with all nauts current and future ones included unlocked.

Also for all nauts bought with money or unlocked with any other method than awesomepoints you will get the features you had before the transition (All shop items unlocked from naut levels 1, 2 and 3) as well as the killing spree music (unlocked at naut level 6).


Bah, naut levels, unlockable kill spree music…there wasnt much wrong with the way things used to be before that, they couldve just made several things unlockable per level instead of one and then the level cap didnt have to be raised and youd still have less of a shop selection after prestige.

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Thanks for the clear explanation.

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