Available outside of US?

Totally bummed, just went to make my first purchase and realized that my postcode could not be registered (UK). I could not find any official notification stating that this site was only available to US citizens but I am guessing that is the case from what I could find on the topic. Any news on if the site will ever be opened up to other countries? Really like the idea of this site and hope to be able to make use of it.


Hey there, I’m from Turkey and the site still works for me even though I used a local postcode. Might want to try a different postcode.


Hey flameifrit,

Sorry that you’re having trouble! We definitely support countries outside the US, but there can occasionally be some weirdness with postal codes. Would you mind PMing me your location and the postal code along with the email you used during purchase?

Hi Zak, Thanks for the help. That is really good news :). I would PM you the details you asked for but unfortunately I do not seem to have the ability to PM having just joined the community.


Well, crap, my bad! Good news though, we found the bug with our postal code input, you should be able to purchase now. :slightly_smiling:

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Whatever you did it worked like a charm, thanks a lot!


No problemo!