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Auto-logged out from forum after a few seconds


Not sure if its an issue with my browser or pc configuration but I got logged out after only just logging in. Like a minute of being logged in. Or maybe I was never logged in the first place hmm


It does not appear to be a wide spread issue as no one else has reported it happening yet. So if you really think it’s a forum side problem you’re going to have to try to supply a bit more information on what you’re using so others might stand a chance at attempting to recreate it.


Not saying it is necessarily though possible, I was more asking how this forum was configured, so I could try and prevent it from happening. It happens in my firefox browser, windows 10. It doesn’t happen with other sites as much as this. So I wondered if anyone did have any troubles before. I’ve whitelisted the cookies here but is there is anything else? I found it more odd because of how quickly I was logged out. Usually a browsing session doesn’t log you out that quickly, at least while you have the tab open.


if you are using firefox it could be your cookie settings
i have the same happen to me on the store page <-- only site that does it (not on forum tho) -and i did have it happen on forum once too when my cookies were even stricter
so you need to allow “something” to get stored it seems (at least on the store page) tho forum does seem to be much more forgiving like regular log ins do, about remembering/what needs to go through
-and ofc store page and forum =/= same login session, but even forum needs some cookie dough at least


Strange, well I have allowed all cookies now for the forum through the options. I dunno still until recently I didn’t get logged out while I was still typing messages.
But i’m hoping that the changes I have made will help.
It hasn’t happened for me on the main chrono page at least as often. Though I do have to spend a lot of time filling out captchas, lol


Usually a browsing session doesn’t log you out at all, especially not while you have the tab open. That’s not part of standard operation procedures, so something on your side must be canceling the authentication token or removing the cookies and refreshing the page for you to be forcibly logged out.

I don’t really know what would do that though, are you behind a NAT with family members also using chrono, getting you logged out as they log in maybe, and/or recently started using some sort of ultra aggressive script and tracking blocker?


Speaking of which, i don’t understand why logging into is separate from I recently switched to Linux and had to setup my browser again, so i noticed the double logging in required for the www and community directories. It’s pretty annoying when you have to do it because of the reCAPTCHA.

I was using Win10/Firefox up until recently and never had an issue specifically with this site alone. On RARE occasion i would get logged out of everything at the same time (as in all the “keep me logged in” options were lost simultaneously). I never figured out why this happened so i’m not sure if this helps you.


No one else in my family uses chrono lol
Yes i use a lot of script and tracking blockers (I don’t want fb tracking and such) as well as high blocking settings on firefox though I should have disabled them now for this site. I didn’t think they were set that high but i guess they must have been to log me out like they did almost as soon as I logged in. Though these are all commonly used popular extensions. So not sure what sort of extension would do that and so randomly without any pattern. So the chrono forum page seemed to be logged in (after i logged in and looked at a couple of things) but when you try to post to the site, showed the message “oops you are not logged in”. I guess I will monitor chrono from my browser a little longer and see what happens.


I block everything i can too and haven’t had the same issue except for the rare anomalies that i mentioned.

**Edit: I just remembered that my issue tended to happen at the same time i would be adjusting the settings of my modem/router.

*****Edit again: It’s about time for me to buy another game from Chrono to make up for the blocked ads and image uploading. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yup very similar to mine x3