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Any other artists besides @inferry? I have already contacted him. I have something for you…:gift: It’s time limited. 16 hours NOW!

EDIT: ROFL…I forgot the important part. MESSAGE ME! Even if you just like to dabble.

If I had a brain, I would be dangerous!:exploding_head:

Calling All Artists! Get TwistedBrush.....

Did you mean graphical artists in particular or are you looking for anything from musicians to contortionists?


And anyone who knows what “Dogwaffle” means and doesn’t mind having their Direct X and MS Net Framework being updated.


I’m an artist but I’m afraid to actually message you because whatever you’re giving away would probably be wasted on me, I’ve already got all the software I need.


And I had an artist friend who told me…“I can NEVER have enough brushes or effects…Just give them to me when you find them”…LOL

So I will message you and let you decide…


Just checking in to confirm that I am not an artist and thus it’s not four me :blush:


it’s not five me either (though i used to fancy myself an artist once, kind of, rofl, i wasnt too convinced of it)


Thanks for the kind offer! I’dl love to be an artist and do whatever I want, but unfortunately I need to eat… :expressionless:


ez, just be a successful artist!


That’s even worse!

A good artist is destined to be unhappy in life. When hungry, inside his sack will only find pearls

Hermann Hesse (more or less)


I like to be creative and have drawn, painted, designed before. Just curious what this thread’s about. I don’t want to embarrass myself should it be directed towards professionals.

Time’s up anyway


Yeah! Time’s up. Sorry!

It involved a paint program that updated Direct X and MS Net Framework. And some people don’t like that so I was trying avoid the comments(bitching).

It was the wrong way to do it. Sorry. Won’t happen again. :anguished: