Armor of Heroes Free @ Steam until November 11/22



Armor of Heroes is back for a very limited time! Enjoy retro tank battles with a modern twist in this free to keep mini game. You read that right, FREE to keep! #SEGA60th #GOSEGA On Steam only until Nov 22nd 8am PT/4pm GMT/5pm CET.


Code for ArchiSteamFarm users - addlicense [botname] 479945


Already had this one, though goodness knows from when. Good share @carvalho20ptc


Thanks. This time around I’ve decided to post these freebies, heh. :smile:

@Gnuffi Yes, it is. It’s a restock.


is that the same as the last time they had 4days of freebies? :thinking:


So how do u keep it? By playin?


add it to your acc like any game
keep forever


Doesn’t let me just has a button that says play game, not sure if that means I have it already cuz it looks like those games that are free to play and you can’t add to account.

Not that i’m that interested in it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if it hasn’t got the green banner saying “already in library” underneath the screenshots, then you don’t own it. Then you just click the play button and it gets added to your acc (you can abort the install that pops up)


Ahh okay yeah I cant test that since not on pc atm but will see thanks


There are two ways you can keep free games like this one:

Step 1: Install your free to play game.
Step 2: right click on it, go to categories and set the game as hidden.
Step 3: go see your “hidden games” tab on your library. The game will be there. Uninstall it and he will remain there.


Or you can download ArchiSteamFarm, copy and paste the code in the OP. Just be sure to follow the tutorial in that post too.

Edit: Thanks @Gnuffi and @Amyrakunejo for the suggestions. :+1:


Thanks @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


just an fyi, you don’t have to install free games to keep them, you just have to click the green button to add them to acc
with the new steam ui/library search; f2p attached to account will show up now even if not installed/not categorized
when they are in your account/(account details: view licenses and product key activations) - like after clicking the green button, it’s in your library

image image


Yeah; it shows up in ‘Uncategorized’ on Steam Desktop if you’re on PC.
I got it myself; it won’t run likely because it’s probably 64-bit exclusive but I do have related games and I will eventually play them.