Are you excited?

I hope it will be epic, I need it to be epic.




I only just got Rise of the Rajas in the steam summer sale for AOEII, give me another decade and I’ll start getting hyped for this.

(Props to them for still patching and making DLC for this game, I know it makes them money but still)

ETA: that’s Charles Dance no?

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microsoft with fist up elbow deep in this
Win 10 exclusive,
possible win 10 store exclusive, (in that case uwp)
“revamped” for console (inc shitty ui etc)

in other words i’ll see it before i believe it’s worth getting a single elevated heartbeat over

no, -i’m far from excited…
when and if all these bullet points turns away, then i’ll be excited,
until then MS ain’t getting another dime from me


With Relic developing it, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach.


The only RTS ever to excite me was KKND Krossfire on the PS1, so when it’s not that then no, I am not excited. :smiley:

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Yeah, that’s him :smile:

@Gnuffi @op89x
Lmao, I know, for me it’s special because I’ve spent so many hours with this gem when I was a kid, heck I played the demo for so long before getting the full game. One can hope that the game will come out as good as the old ones despite all the bad marketing. But as always, I’m prepared for let downs.

don’t get me wrong, age of empires is like divine ambrosia
(probably one of the few games i’ve enjoyed getting my arse thoroughly beaten in over the years by my little brother)
so i’m not “not-excited” because of the game or anything, Relic, or otherwise game related (relic do good games)
it’s purely because of Microsoft’s deep seeded approach that is so egregious i just can’t get behind this.
UWP is terrible for gaming, exclusives are terrible for gaming, (+win10 own updates are bad for gaming :smirk:)
and “arbitrarily” locking both games the way MS have/plans to, is way more obscene than it has any right to with this format lock,
0 reasonable rationale, 110% greed, double the hassle for gamers (if not more when shit inevitably happens on win10/updates)

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We wait for it to die and be ported to steam in 2 years.

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Ahhh, the good old “It’s Microsoft, so it’s shit” attitude…

I would really like to understand your reasoning about those statements and what was your perticular experience that made you think like that.

Because Windows 10 is a great OS and all shit aside that people say (ugly UI (very subjective), auto updates (can be disabled), spying (presented in 7 also) etc) it is better performance wise than its predecesors.

Then UWP. It was bad, yes. But the keyword here is “was”. Initialy UWP games had worse performance that its win32/64 counterparts. But that was because there was a framerate lock and the biggest culprit - the inability to utilize exclusive fullscreen. These things were fixed long ago and the performance now is the same.
Here have a look on a little benchmark.

So I don’t really think your points are valid in a way that those things will have an effect on the gaming experience and are purely driven by the hate circlejerk I think. Although I will be glad to be proven otherwise.

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No it isn’t because I have the option to go through the updates and chose which ones I install so I can chose to not get their spyware patches. Where as it is implemented into the basic framework of the system of win10 and can’t even reliably be turned off.

Gnuffi laid out his actual reasons for why he’s not expecting much. Dismissing it by claiming it’s just “MS hate” is rather disingenuous.

sole reason i dislike win 10 is forced updates which you can’t skip, nor selectively select
the best you can do is postpone some, and even on professional/enterprise(the more expensive versions mind you) they are still present, which have caused a ton of issues for some people, in professional settings too. You can’t avoid a shit ton of updates
and we started to see the issues of it with compatibility and “supported” hardware, inc incremental forced obsolescence, all because of win10 and no designated support frame (unlike previous OS which at least gave a slight guarantee+time frame)
personally i don’t give a crap about the “spying”, people don’t realize how much they are “spied” on everyday, with everything, nor do they care, and you can’t avoid it 100% unless you unplug and live in Farady cage inside a cave undergound alone
updates continue to ruin much for many (not all) on win10, and simply because the user control isn’t there as in previous versions is the reason i dislike it

My mention of uwp was not because of performance, but again user control
modding, tweaking, compatibility etc etc, when it’s UWP all that goes out the window because MS think they know best; which api to use and what it can do and “should” do, despite MS being wrong on all 3 accounts, UWP is bad for the user compared to previous formats
so straight up fuck benchmarks, if all a person cares about is a FPS meter, then they got blinders on
(and i will openly admit and grant you that i haven’t stayed up on win 10 and uwp, so i don’t know if these features have changed in the past 6-12months. Nor do i really care to, since i have no reason, but i doubt they made that much radical changes or improvements to rectify these issues “unrelated” to irrelevant performance. Point is MS did shit, so i give shit about their shit, and i’ll continue to do so until i get a solid reason to change my stance. Here’s hoping win 11 gets a bit better)

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I can see your problem with the forced updates. For me it’s not a big deal. I update once a month or even two and check what the updates do, so if they shipped buggy update they could fix it before me updating. So far haven’t got any problems with win10. Maybe I am lucky who knows, but from the people I know, I haven’t realy heard much complaining about the OS. Everyone with their prefererences so a fair point if you like more control over the updates.

UWP modding is possible although in a more controled environment. For now it is not much (some shit about Minecraft), but Microsoft said that are working on better way to enable that(something like the steam workshop I guess).
From a programing standpoint btw it is possible to fully mod everything like the win32 apps, but the technology is currently new and not many people know how to work with it. Heck there are like atmost 10 AAA games or something…

For the most part UWP is new and yes, it is lacking some features still AND its purpose is a little bit different. It is used to unify the two Microsoft gaming platforms XBOX and Windows (10 and onwards).

Again your points are valid and I respect your opinion, but I really have to ask… Does these things really affect the enjoyment of the game? Will the game be better gameplay wise if it wasn’t UWP?

Personally I think it does not matter… They could make it for DOS for all I care. If the game is good, it doesn’t matter how its made. For me atleast. And again, I have played some UWP games and liked them alot, but I could be biased idk :slight_smile:

no neither win10 or uwp affects my enjoyment of the game itself as long as the game is good
BUT, the issues they cause and can cause is too infuriating potential for me to ignore or even accept, because there is 0 reason for this other than MS hamfisted “we know best” to try and enhance their monopoly
it doesn’t matter what it can do (yes the idea for xbox-pc integration and ease of development was a fine concept), but what matters is what/how it was, and is implemented, which is just atrocious on so many aspects, it’s a prime example of masquerading “noble idea and business innovation” that is overall shit for the consumer

and not like if uwp takes off it’s gonna help consumers either, replacing 1 behemoth “monopoly” with another, steam can use competition for sure, but uwp is not competition it’s forced replacement, for a company that has proven year after year to be even less consumer friendly than valve, so why on earth would we want them to replace it despite steams flaws
(not because you mentioned it, it’s just an argument i’ve heard before “more competition for steam”, so i thought i should mention this flaw too)

i’m not a tinfoil hat conspiracy and paranoid hateful MS guy that dislikes them “just because;reasons”/“they exist”,
i just dislike a lot of their stuff and practices (i lover others they have done), but on this overall subject i don’t have much high hopes or positive regards towards MS, and until they prove otherwise, i won’t change my contempt for them or even throw them a bone for the benefit of the doubt,
when/if that happens, then i’ll happily jump on win10+win10store (since i have no issues with multiple platforms or diff OS. Hell, -i even liked Vista ;))

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So waiting for AOE to do some “Wololo” then :slight_smile: haha

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