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Are there any Chrono Daily Deals that you'd like to see return?


With the glut of rebundles, repeats and otherwise disappointing content across other deal sites it made me wonder about Chrono’s offerings. Since Chrono only offers a game for a small window of time it’s potentially easy to miss out on a game through lack of funds, time or indecision (probably mostly the last option there…). Are there any offers that you missed out on that you’d like to see return? Any games that you’d have bought but for…circumstances?

For reference -


Pyre and Transistor :wink:


Dark Souls III, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, or Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare.


Somehow I missed this deal a week ago. Well, to be honest, work caught up to me and I didn’t have a chance to buy it before it expired.

Such is life, win some, lose some…


Yes, your Steam library is still in mourning.


Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth, but price then was too steep for me, so likely a pipe dream. :slight_smile:


yaiks, can’t remember, i know there’ve been a couple, think one or two too whose dlcs were the only thing i was looking at
would probably need to cross-reference with my giant wishlist to check :thinking:
i do know that every time i passed up a deal it’s because of either i wasn’t in the mood to play it immediately or the price didn’t wasn’t low enough to fit with the "i’ll maybe play it someday"limbo state it might end up in
most the games i’ve bought on chrono have, (regardless of actual play), usually been stuff i either wanted or did play immediately, -and in those cases the price was usually stellar for me
games i’m resigning to the "probably later someday"category usually needs to be higher discounted than the others to get me starting to consider


Well I’m trying to save up for a Samsung A6+ phone. so currently… eh I’m in the same monetary position.

But, if it’s on my wishlist, I would like to see it. (especially if it drops below it’s normal sale price)