Are the new dead rising games getting better or worse?, yes is better, no is worse.

  • yes the games keep getting better and better
  • Yes because I liked Dead rising 2, 2 otr, 3, etc
  • Yes but they shouldn’t change the personality of the main characters
  • Maybe, idk hopefully it will have good sequels
  • No the sequels are more focused on the zombies and not the story
  • No there isn’t a lot of story for the games to get more sequels
  • No I didn’t like them
  • No they will really suck
  • No they are the video game equivalent and body of satan

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you forgot the obligatory “mark of the ninja” poll option


What’s that?

"mark of the ninja"game reference was sorta a small joke on the chrono forum at some point for a little while, ended up in a poll once or twice :wink:


Oh haha I’m new to this cummunity


This an odd one, I liked DR, I liked the many iterations of DR 2 (Case Zero, DR2, DR2:OTR, Case West) but Dead Rising 3 was unplayable for me on PC (seriously, it was a mess for me) and I haven’t played more than 30 mins of DR4 at a friends house which really disappointed me in the direction they had taken.

They brought back Frank West for the nostalgia trip, as he is Dead Rising but they made him buff and gave him a new voice actor, which is such a stunning misstep, I am beginning to think Capcom do not understand what made those games so popular. It completely misses the point as to why fans wanted Frank West in Dead Rising Games, to begin with by recasting him and presumably removing any character development he had when he became an overnight celebrity and as a consequence an overweight slob.

They brought back Frank West but changed him, negating the point of bringing him back. Making him no longer Frank West, despite being called Frank West. That is such a bizarre choice to me.

Oh and BTW… Welcome to Chrono, EpicImmortal.


dead rising 1 wasn’t the best of games lets be honest, frank west was a bit sluggish and he didn’t know how to duct tape random appliances together, I mean come on, most of us thought of that before DR2 came out xD

but to be FRANK 1 is a good marker

2 was better than 1

3 was not better than two but not worse than 1 I liked the open world mission and crafting cars thing. if you just see these games as what they are, not what you want it to be, then you’ll have much more fun :3



Oh thanks for the work welcome, I like this community, you guys are very nice


quick try to pretend it didn’t hahaha:rofl:

@EpicImmortal Welcome to Chrono. Just have some dank reaction gif’s on hand and we’ll get along just fine.

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