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Are the chrono coins affected by bots or am i just too slow?


I dont think to take them away is a good idea, but i am no one to tell the company what to do. That being said i started to notice lately the coin giveaways are all spent WAY too quickly. Are there less keys sometimes? Are people bot-farming or am i just too slow? I went to the site earlier today to see the new 5 games but the website was overloaded and the new games didn’t load. Its now 3-4 hours past the last 5 games being added and they all got sold out.


I guess since this is the last time coins are usable everyone is trying to redeem them. Otherwise its the popular games that go quickly and many people set alarms and dive in as soon as new games are added.


No bots. Just an incredible amount of people redeeming an incredible amount of keys in a very short time frame. (we also Tweeted about this)


i waited for the new upcoming, get the alarm… server down “thinking hard…”

server comes up again, all games gone… i have 62k coins what should i do with it? it was the sec. time server dont load the shop, and than all gone. for me it feels like a scam… :frowning:


It wasn’t a scam. You simply didn’t refresh the coin page enough to catch when the new games went live. We all probably had a 10 minute window on that.


It was timing… I was chatting with Chronies at the time and yes, the page was in and out - the forums too.

When one person finally got the page to show the games (all 5) with their prices, I refreshed then and saw it too. True, it probably wasn’t that big of a window once the games were live.


So it was a thing of just getting unlucky? what a shame.
I asked about the bots because i know that several giveaways have been messed by people with bots. From what i heard last time when ubisoft did a giveaway of the entire season 1 of hitman 1, people suspected foul play by bots due to how quickly all keys were spent.


… and I don’t think those were bots, just people claiming keys. They are probably a lot of people with access to the Coin shop, that may not have ever come on the forums, so they might be ‘invisible’ but not necessarily bots.


Bullshit. I kept refreshing and the games literally never showed up until they were sold out. 3 of the 5 new games never even showed until it was too late.


There’s luck involved when a site is at capacity, you have to access the site at just the right moment when enough people are not accessing it that it has the capacity to show you something more than an error page. Each access takes milliseconds, so it’s not like everyone’s constantly hammering it, there are lulls in which the site can have a breather and actually show someone the shop page rather than trying to lighten its work by showing an error page instead. The fact that the server hit capacity in the first place means a lot of people were checking the shop, so it makes sense that the small proportion of those people who were able to access it by sheer luck were enough to buy it out.

Bots can make this kind of load and manage to snap up the games, but so can humans.


Also the site went down right away at the time of daily deal change and the games were not even added until hour and about 40 minutes later at which point the whole site actually worked pretty reliably. I can’t say if others were still getting error pages but seeing as me and everyone I know here were able to actually use the site again at that point I think it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Though I’d be curious to know if people might have managed to trigger some DDOS protection setup that just banned them for hammering the site too much or something. Continuously refreshing a hammered site wont get you anywhere as even if you do get a rare functional response, you need another 3 or 4 consecutive responses to accomplish anything. You’re not that lucky.


@Fraggles you are right, I had the same experience as you, they seemed to wait till they had the site stable before releasing the games, when people were spamming the refresh and the site was not working the games were not up.


I’m pretty sure that given that the site started working again before the games were actually added, these ppl who say these things didn’t see the new games when the site went back up (no one did since they hadn’t been added yet). Their problem is that they thus immediately assumed they were already sold out, and they are hence now saying these things they’re saying, because they then immediately stopped checking AND NEVER SAW THE GAMES BEING ADDED :joy:

yesterday someone actually posted on this forum that the new games had already sold out ALTHOUGH THEY HADN’T EVEN BEEN ADDED YET :joy:, which is why I’m sure it’s exactly the same situation here

as you both (and others) are saying, there was plenty of time afterwards (for those who were actually around at that specific time when the games launched) to pick and choose and buy from those games what you wanted. Some games lasted hours before selling out.



Also true, though I think Iconoclasts went fairly quickly. The last time saw that one bundled, I think was in a 3 for $9.99 US bundle on Fanatical. So getting it for coins was a gift. :heart:


it dont work… its only “hard thinking…” and i hammer my F5 button and when its works all gone.


But that doesn’t mean they did.