AppGameKit: Easy Game Development - Free Steam

Hey guys o/, it’s been a while since I posted something here :3 :blush:

I’ve just seen about the giveaway of this app, honestly I do not know much about apps for game development (so I dont have idea if this is good or bad :sweat_smile: …) but, if anyone has an interest here is the link ^ • ^

“Free to keep when you get it before 19 May - 14:00 PM (UTC-3)” :wink: :scream:

PS: in preview, the value is appearing full, but when you enter the link it will be free:


By the sound of it in the comments this is really just the same thing as the demo version that they’re offering.


Yeah they make you upgrade to the full version when you are in the software. Big OOF


The developer said something of the sort if u get the game free now (as a demo) it will upgrade to full on monday


Saw the topic and got the tool in just a minute before the promotional offer expired. Chrono forums are the best :sunglasses: Thanks @Agetime!
Will check it out on Monday, when they actually make the full version downloadable.


So, now that the whole, full Vs demo issue has been resolved I was vaguely tempted to try this out, even though my interests have never particularly run to game development.

However I then saw this review:

It has come out that the “demo” version of the software that was given away may in fact be a mis-labelled version of a full license. This has been confirmed by developer as of this edit, and will (?) be rectified on Monday. However, there are other reasons that I have found that I cannot recommend this software, such as the absurd limitations on the propietary language (no objects, no pointers, arrays lengths are strangely reported, no scope management…) that any seasoned programmer would look at and call unacceptable, especially in relation to engines like Godot. Yes, you can use C++, but you also lose the cross platform capabilities of the engine. In addition, the license terms for the software given are unacceptable for software you have to pay to use (you have to keep the watermark or else you’re in violation of the license).

Yup, not a chance.