Would there be any chances for an API to the site, whether to see which game is currently on-sale or which sold-out/available/soon to come games available in the store?



We don’t have anything built specifically for 3rd party stuff quite yet, but you’re welcome to use these

  • https://api.chrono.gg/shop
  • https://api.chrono.gg/sale

Just keep in mind those particular APIs are subject to change at any moment without notice, and if you were to hit them more than a few times a second you run the risk of being rate-limited. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the response :smiley:

I did find the /shop api before reading this by sniffing around enough in the site-code :stuck_out_tongue: nice to know it’s officially ok to use it

Now I can have the daily-deal & the available store-games on 1 page ^^

on a totally unrelated side-note, how big are you on hammering down on using bots to get daily coins?

I may have been making scripts since I don’t want to lose my streak to a forgetful day

We’d certainly prefer people not use bots since that really defeats the purpose of the system (getting people to check out the daily sale), so if we see obvious botting behavior we’ll be taking action against that account. That being said, our primary concern is multiple accounts. If we see users with multiple accounts trying to take advantage of the coins system all associated accounts will be shut down.


Hi there!
Sorry for bringing up such an old topic.
I registered specifically to reply to this.

I own a gaming community, and have been building a website from the ground up in python.
We have a “deals” page that our members and staff can contribute to.

We have seen an increase of posting of deals from the Chrono.gg site. I figured I might as well make it official, and have the deal update automatically every day.

I searched around for an API and found this page.
Here is what I got:

Here is the issue.
I can get the image, link, and data updated automatically via the API, but theres no description.
Is there a way to add a short description of the deal/game in the API?

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@dusty can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the new API we’re working on will include that. If not, since we pass along the Steam link/ID, you should be able to pull the description from Steam.


Hi @lonin thanks for the response.

Do you think it would be possible to include a short description in the new API?

When abouts do you think the new API will be ready?


I’m also noticing that the “promo_image” in the API is a different size depending on the sale.
Ideally, who ever designs your promo images should maintain the same size image for all promo images in the API.

(By size, I mean the width and height of the image not the file size)

Developers who will use the API would like a consistent thing going so they can better design their applications.

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for the future api maybe a Request_Promo_Image_Size call so devs can dynamically adjust the size of their container (if the picture size is not standardized )

forget what i said… didnt got my morning coffee yet

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Hmm, it should be consistent… @frst?

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The majority of them are the same size. Occasionally I believe we’ll use an email header if the absence of having a proper promo image created for the sale so that’s probably where the change is noticed.

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Thanks for the replies.

@lonin I ended up using the steamID provided in your API to pull additional data via steam (Such as the short description). This will be my workaround for now :slight_smile:

Now my members don’t have to post the deal everyday, I have set it to update the Chrono deal automatically via the API :slight_smile:


Anyone know if the API is different now?
Seems the Steam ID is no longer provided.

Use to be under the “items” section, but now its just blank.

   "name":"Tom Clancy’s The Division™ - NA",


Nvm, I just realized, it’s because it’s not a steam game.

Also noticed theres multiple games for sale. Is this going to be a thing now?

I think Chrono should provide a short description of the sale in their API. Not sure who would be the one to be in charge of that. That way I don’t have to pull multiple API’s just for the sake of 1 chrono sale xD

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I think they are going to be updating the API at some point. This isn’t the first time they have had multiple SKUs for sale for an event.

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Just my quarterly necropost to selfishly ask for more updates on this :blush:
In all seriousness, at least add a short description of the deal/game in the API xD

This site is great, and I really like to help promote it via your API.