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API for creator stores?


Sorry for asking the question again, but it was mostly ignored last time.

Will/Is there an api in the style of and for the creator stores?

I can see the creator pages do call but this lacks any info on the games


Not planned in the short term, we’re focusing on some more foundational changes first, but may be something we add in the future.


Sad to hear, but expected as it’s likely not a lot of people that would be using the apis :frowning:

I’m mostly asking as I would like to include and unite the creator stores in my own plugin/script (

But I would love a unified shop for the creator stores by the chrono team themself :wink:


So, “future” ended up being sooner than I expected. We’re actually working on this now and we’ll hopefully have something out by end of month.


any news on the api?




soon ™

hopefully by mid august :+1:



i’m srry, i’m gonna be at defcon this week and i promised i wouldn’t work :persevere:


so, start September?

or just send me the source code/link me a git repository and I’ll give it a crack :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, I meant August 2020. :persevere:

My mistake!


but 2020 by which calendar?





So on the Mayan calendar :upside_down_face:




@Baizwy and here we are, mid august