anyone want to trade me Devious Dungeon or Mekabolt? (CLOSED)

Trade acquired thanks to Danacscott


Are you interested in one or both? I’d be happy to get at least one of them.

PM me within another few hours, please. Or some time tomorrow… I’m so falling asleep right now, lol. I’m just up now make and have dinner first.

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Glad you got taken care of! Too bad I missed the window, I see you’re looking to offload Paradox Wrench. Given that it’s frequently on sale for $0.50, if you feel like you would benefit from trading it for a slightly more valuable game from the coin shop (say, 6000 coins or less?), I’d be happy to trade, and you might have better luck trading off the more valuable game.

If not, no worries!


There will probably be another window in a couple weeks. I don’t really want to trade for something I already have though sorry.


It’s all good.