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Anyone want a Black Ops 4 key?


got a key from humble but have no plans of playing it. It is through blizzard services


why not, it’ll give me something to do for a bit, and i’ve been wanting to try it a bit recently


no jugue ningun black ops :frowning:


%100 not my type of game but hey, thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone :+1:


So Humble says to link a battlenet account. I dont know how you want to do this


it doesn’t just give a key?


No it wants me to login


you need to link your battlenet account so the game can immediately be activated on it, pretty sure. I don’t think Blizzard’s store works with keys

#9 i found some gifting options here for it


oh, thanks. I thought logging in would redeem the key for my account.


I’ve got a friend who i’m sure would love to have this but, gonna pass.