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Anyone use Parsec?


I found this website that offers, what looks like, peer-to-peer co-op on single player games.

Has anyone used this or have an opinion on it?


Me and @YQMaoski have used it. Maoski has…um…Time Warner? and it normally works well but will occasionally have issues. The only issue i remember we had was getting the controllers to add correctly.

We played and beat Overcooked. So other than the occasional hard lag out (which I blame on his internets), the delay wasn’t too bad.


That’s interesting. I wonder what internet speeds are best for this…

Did both of you have to own Overcooked on steam? I think the advertisement is that only one person needs to own the game.

I just found it so I also wonder if there is any false advertising.


Only maoski had it. Basically Parsec works as a remote in and your inputs act as a controller on their system.


Thank you! I’ll give this a chance and play it with a relative this week. He’s a teacher so he obviously has nothing to do right now.


Doesn’t it pretty much just do the same thing Steam’s own remote play together feature? Though I suppose it might work for games that don’t offer it through steam already.


u sure about that? I don’t know what’s going on in all different countries, but here (quite surprisingly) kids have daily classes with their teachers online through video links


Astronomers do.