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Anyone heard about this???


They can look, but they frown upon people who may have multiple accounts. So say I buy a bundle and give some keys to my wife, it doesn’t account for anything about me buying a key that’s not been used. But if they start actually checking accounts, I think that would anger a lot of people. In addition, some people delete games from their accounts that are bad. This is pretty easily done. Also, a revealed key doesn’t mean that it’s been used, a lot of people would rather keep their own keys in a spreadsheet, it’s easier to look at than their store page display.


Ditto… Their store isn’t fun. Library, Purchases, Keys & Entitlements. Why not just: Stuff you own.

Looking for a title on Humble is irksome.


Yeah, not to mention if someone has a year’s worth of monthly/choice bundles paid, and suddenly the account is locked, I wonder if they will be able to get any keys back from what they already paid

I am going to go through and do my spreadsheet and back it up several places really soon. I have done very little trading, but I have gifted a good number using links in the past. I don’t want them to audit my account and decided to lock everything up.