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Anyone else waiting for the Steam Summer Sale?


I know that it’s not at all like the sales of old, but it still has decent deals and Steam is one of the only storefronts that offers PLN prices, meaning Paypal doesn’t tax me. And I want to spend money, and feel good in the meantime. If there’s anything you hope for, please share!


well, im waiting for the sale too, i want to grab games like; AoE HD, Don’t starve, CS 1.6 of course if valve put them on sale, does anyone knows when sale starts?


It will be torture for me as I gotta save my money for a GPU, but I do love seeing what goes on sale regardless. :sweat_smile: I just really hope that the summer sale is not when they release Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. I will cry myself to an early grave for sure. lol


I’m postulating June 23rd. It’s about in line with usual. Assumed to run 2 weeks.


I hope for Borderlands 3, Sea of Thieves, AC Odyssey these come to mind. Honestly? Any decent game is welcomed, even older ones.
Lucky for Argentina, their prices are very convenient, for example The Witcher 3, 2.50 euro instead of 14, according to the last price deal from 1 week ago. You did not hear it from me runs away


this site is usually on point:



Depends on what is going to be on sale.


The Steam Summer Sale usually lands between the last week of June and the second week of July. I’m hoping for a better, more fun event though as last year’s was crappy. I still miss the clicker game from three years back though as that was kinda fun. It easily killed my cheap office use mouse though :rofl:


I already have a huge backlog on Steam, I’m going to buy some games from GOG during their summer sale (currently happening), but yeah I’m wainting for the Steam summer sale :slightly_smiling_face:

The Steamdb guys leaked that Valve is working on a loyalty system that might be debuting this summer sale. I’m curious about how it’ll work and what are the rewards


Well working part of my brains says that i should save money …other part says “gaems gaems gaems must catch them all! “ . So we will see i guess. Maybe i’ll grab something from my wishlist.


Every time I hear “Steam sales” I always think of that PC Master Race video. Also waiting for the summer sale over here.


I always look forward to the sales, but I’m not anxious with anticipation like I used to be. Probably because I already have so much to play yet so little time haha. I think the thing I look forward to in sales more than the actual sale these days is the little mini-games or badge crafting stuff they sometimes have, cause like I said I already have so many games even with a sale I might not actually buy anything. Which is good cause I really need to start spending less money on games >~>


There’s been so many things going on, so many for-good-cause bundles from everywhere that I have already purchased a lot more games in the last 6 months than I would normally probably in a whole year. I am only watching a few games for sales closely, the rest can just happen and I can look for them another time, in the future.


Not really waiting … sales aren’t usually that huge (can be, but for me, meh) and also, I have a nice stash of titles.

It’d be nice to trade more but the humans on Barter can’t be straight up savage and unfair. >>

I find Events tedious or too hard to understand most times, so if it happens, fine, but no excitement.