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Anybody own LUCAH: Born Of A Dream?


I discovered this game a while back, and it is amazing.
The story is unlike anything else out there (that I’ve seen), the music is exceptional, and the gameplay is smooth bullet-hell awesomeness. YMMV on the art style, but I personally love it. Anyone else here a fan?


Heck yeah! I actually reached out to the Dev to tell them how much I loved the artstyle and got a response, pretty cool.


Pics or it didn’t happen.





If you enjoy LUCAH you might want to check out Baba is you. It’s also squiggly but feels like a love letter to programming.


I have been keeping my eye on baba is you. Looks interesting


It’s on my “Following” list on Steam as I too was taken with the art style. How is the gameplay?


I’ll add it to my wishlist and buy when I have spare munnies again. The game looks totally weird, in a good way. Chrono have been my prime source of finding new games I wouldn’t pick up by myself - and what I get after reading about it here is always awesome. Works like a charm. So I’m really looking forward towards this one.

Thanks @yitzilitt for the tip :slight_smile: