Anybody in the mood to beta test?

After an honestly ridiculous amount of time, [:upside_down_face: redacted :upside_down_face:] is finally ready for beta testing! If you’re interested in helping de-bug [:upside_down_face: redacted :upside_down_face:], please DM me here or on Discord for a copy to mess around with. I’ll try to get back to you tomorrow when I wake up (it’s 1 am for me rn).

What to do as a beta tester: If you can record your gameplay, that would be preferable, but if not, please at least write down the basic plot of what you experienced (the order players run across plot elements is one of the things I’m looking out for). Please pay attention to the music as well—there may be some bugs with out of place/no music at times, so I’ll need some info on that. Thanks for being so patient with me, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


How much time would you say a test playthrough might take? I could probably set up to record, but if we’re talking 10-20h of footage it’s going to get troublesome.


A playthrough from beginning to end tends to last from 40 minutes to 6 hours. (the variability is intentional, to allow people who don’t have much time to beat the game quickly, but if you want to explore, there’s a LOT to uncover)


Would we be allowed to share the experience with others?


soooo uhm, I’d possibly be interested, but if I don’t even know the genre of the game it’s gon be hard to tell if I could/would want to spare the time


Is this the thing? lol


i’ll try to get on discord tonight, were we will be able to talk about stuff,

such secret,
must shady,
very intriguing


i suck at beta testing, because i never pay attention to stuff :sweat_smile:


from what i understood from you playing Supraland u do try to break and/or cheese games, though, which is a much-needed skill for beta testers too, and yr very thorough at playing through games also, so I’d definitely want ppl like u on it if it was me


@Gnuffi, I completely agree with @M00, you are definitely one of the very thorough gamers who try to break games.

@yitzilitt, what type of game is this? I kind of want to do it, we can talk about it later too. I will hop on Discord tonight after I get home from work.


@YQMaoski @anon63424221 it’s an experimental comedy RPG

@JordanH that would be fine—as long as people know it isn’t available as-is on Steam right now, but can be messed around with on request :slight_smile: