Anybody else who's waiting out the last mins till the new deal?

I got nothing else to play rn soooo here I am hoping for some serious deal…and coins :smiley:

btw did anybody get the books deal from HB? Am just curious if they are any good :sweat_smile:

PS: here some random piece of info: Red Solstice isn’t worth picking up for free, it’s uber-boring


New deal looks cool! :slight_smile:

You mean the Lonely Planet ones?

Aww, too bad. But in all honesty it did look boring as all hell. ):

Dunno if it’s your thing but I recently picket up a seriously good bundle at Indiegala: Point and Click Definitive Bundle. I recommend checking it out!


It really does! I just am not sure if I wanna spend over 10 bucks for it, especially cause I can’t refund here :no_mouth:

Yip, got the lowest tier bundle meanwhile, I think it’s worth it for the nice pics (yeah am not the most avid reader) and basically donating money to keep the national parks safe :slightly_smiling_face: The books of higher tiers just didn’t interest me, but fortunately ppl say every bit helps & tiny sums amount to a lot, too :sweat_smile:

Honestly, I only played the first mission, but that only consisted of moving by right clicking and watching the >generic marines< auto shoot any >generic alien< approaching…if at least the graphics were appealing or there was a nice soundtrack or anything positive to tell lol :expressionless: I guess it would be more fun in COOP/MP but given the first impression in SP…yeah no, I’ll uninstall it.

It does look interesting, only 2 games in there which I’ve played before are Deponia and that Demon Busters game.
Deponia was indefinetly frustrating to me and that Demon Buster game has a completely different name on the Appstore :joy: Might pick the bundle up anyways tho, that’s lots of games and I probably already played the worst of them, thanks for the heads-up, I didn’t check indie gala in ages :hushed:

PS: Damn I had a hard time formatting and quoting stuff correctly, took probably a lot longer than writing and correcting this post :kissing: (<this is called :kissing but I always thought and will think it’s whistling)


looked halfway interesting to me, until i noticed it was heavily co-op/mp focused, to such degree, apparently there is not even a save function for mid mission in sp…:man_facepalming: and some missions can apparently drag on over an hour…(according to reviews)

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Great idea! Yellowstone is one of the places I’m most curious to visit in the world, so all the better reason to try and help preserve it. I like Loney Planet, own a few hard copies of their stuff so I’ll see if I grab tier 1 as well.

I’m one of the biggest point and click fans I know, I’m obsessed with them. And I bloody hate Deponia. So really, don’t take that title as a means to measure the bundle haha :slight_smile:

Haha just select the stuff I said and a “quote” thing should show up. Click it and then type away. Not sure what you’re doing but it’s easy like that :smile:


Deponia really was baaad, but I usually hit some puzzle wall after like 50% of any such game…and walkthroughs are no fun :confused: :sweat_smile: If you are into puzzle/hidden objects games tho, I can hiiiighly recommend:

Takes around 3-4h but it’s cheap so wth right :smiley:

I did it all manually with /quote etc. :see_no_evil:


Try Primordia!

My review:

There is a certain wistfulness that permeates an existence without affection. In Primordia, building a robot is the equivalent of birthing one. To oil cogs into a machine’s first breath is a labor of love. However, just as much as human birth can blossom from a seed of spite, machines too can click and clank about as the result of nothing short of duty and necessity.

And thank you for your recommendation! :smiley: :butterfly:

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I really liked the deponia games, it took the idea that most point and click adventure “heroes” are complete sociopaths and ran with it. The main character is thoroughly unlikable which of course is entirely the point. The translated german humor can fall a little flat now and then though but then “german humour” is kind of meta-amusing on it’s own so it’s still entertaining. The character development over the 3 games (that I’ve played) is pretty good too, you never actually get to like the character but he does eventually get at least redeemable.

Thanks for mentioning this bundle, been looking for a chance to pick up Doomsday for cheap somewhere.

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Yea. I saw that in my email. Am thinking about it. Has anyone else noticed Indiegala’s bundles are getting better than Fanatical/Star Bundles? They used to be pretty good but now they are very lackluster…like Humble’s.


Guess I’ll have to remove it from my “not interested” list :sweat_smile: I’ll try it once it’s on sale :slight_smile:

Tbh I had no issue with any of characters (and I personally did not have those flat translation problems), I just hated how little sense many puzzles made. It goes like “yeah there are earth quakes, you should steal a bird and move some red magnets around on that whiteboard to make it stop”, I won’t get high just to “naturally” solve these things lol (that’s even one of the more rational ones)

I don’t even know those lol I only check HB and occassionally Bundle Stars…After seeing a few crapware games in multiple bundles on Indie Gala years ago, I had the impression that their bundles weren’t worthwhile checking :confused: This one does look promising and HB quality level tho, I’m very positively surprised!


Thank you!

However, I do hate Rufus. And couldn’t, for the life of me, bond with any of the other characters either. I found it to be one of the most boring point and click games I’ve ever played.

Daedalic’s new game, Pillars of the Earth, is so vastly superior and overall different to what they’ve previously done that it even seems like a different studio. I also highly recommend it!

As much as I’d like to tell you I’d play the next ones to see that, I’m afraid I’d get bored out of my skull for the fourth time trying to finish the first game. However, I’m glad someone enjoyed it as much as you do it. I guess there’s a Daedalic game for everyone – as long as one enjoys the genre – and Deponia just ain’t mine.

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They still have them…Trust me. But a few of them haven’t been bad. But Humble and Fanatical/Star Bundles have been really disappointing lately. There has been nothing that excites me lately…Maybe it’s just me.

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and @anon74641759

That’s weird, two of you like P’n’C games but do not like Deponia, so why is that then, you think? I have to admit, I too found Deponia frustrating and thought it was just myself who had gotten out of the habit of playing them.

I love Broken Sword titles (except Broken Sword 4, it was awful) and was told by some to try Deponia, so I did but couldn’t get into it. For me, the answers to the puzzles never seemed like it was the logical thing you needed to do to achieve the solutions but I am not sure.

Maybe I am just not as smrt as I used to bee or tink I was.

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shrugs Taste, I guess. Not that abnormal. I just don’t know why I so fiercely dislike it.

I think Deponia wasn’t made for the fans of old school Point and Click games. It’s… maybe trying to go modern or something? But it doesn’t do so well, maybe. I’ve noticed it’s one of those polarizing games: you either love it, or hate it.

Ugh, I don’t know. I find it a disaster of a game for no explainable reason.

Really struggling here to try and have a proper conversation about the whys and hows of Deponia but at the end of the day…

Also, Broken Sword is fun, I agree! And it was pretty logic and investigative as far as I can recall.


Deponia looks modern, I bought it cause there was a half naked girlie on the front cover.

I was later disappointed.

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Never judge a boo…err game by it’s cover.


especially when that cover includes girlies. we all know the ESRB hate boobs.

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