Any way to change coins for an specific game?

Hello guys, I’d like to get Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen but maybe is not going to be in the coin store for years to come, is there any way to trade the coins for an specific game?



I’m afraid not, unless you can find someone who has a spare key of Dragon’s dogma willing to trade for something currently in the shop. You can of course make your interest known, as you have, and hope that maybe the deal can be made available in the future.

But no there’s no way to pick a game yourself to have it featured.


I’m pretty sure there is a whole thread with people discussing the merits of converting coins to different currencies and what you could then acquire with them.
Really the sky’s the limit!


So the best thing that I can do is buy some games from the coin store, wait until someone wants the games that I bought and trade them to someone that has the key for Dragons Dogma?



Someone may trade you if you have a game(s) to trade. Or as previously mentioned, if someone wants a game or three from the coin shop and is willing to trade a key of Dragons Dogma. I personally would not just buy random games from the coin shop in hope of someone willing to trade for them down the road, hehe.

A lot of generous giveaways happen here so it is possible you may come across a specific game you are interested in, as well.

Best of luck!