Any thoughts on Battleborn?

I recently picked up the Battleborn on the 2K sale and actually enjoyed the story mode quite a bit. But when i finished the main story I was surprised at how dead the game seems to be now. Even after 8 minutes of queuing I couldn’t connect to any multiplayer matches. Just wondering if anyone else has played the game and if so what did you guys think of it?

Hi, sorry this is a question rather than a answer… but can i ask how long the story mode was? and do you think this is a good enough merit to buy it at the really cheap price of £3.99 ($5) on cdkeys alone? (it’s been even lower when on daily deal).

I really enjoy overwatch and like paladins.

I beat the story in about 7 hours. But the replay value on the missions is good and you can play any character during the campaign so yeah for £3.99 its more than good enough.

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When I saw the trailers, I loved the game, but my current PC can’t run it and I’m waiting for upgrade it and buy the game, but the Overwatch marketing has killed Battleborn, I think :frowning:

I would say that’s pretty accurate with how gearbox seemingly thought they could beat blizzard in a marketing campaign. Which is a shame because the game really is fun.

@MidnightSenpai Wasn’t the whole fiasco that blizzard released overwatch competitively? I recall a tweet from gearbox saying they’re honored to be seen as competition.

Gearbox made a mistake. They did indeed say on many social media platforms claim that they not only saw overwatch as competition but they acted pretty high and mighty that battleborn would beat it in the competitive scene. Which as you probably noticed… it didn’t work out to well.

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Not really an answer neither, but I recently began to play battleborn, and I’m looking for players in coop if you’re interested :slight_smile: