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Any of you guys play on PS4 ?


It’s obviously a strange place to ask such question and lately i rarely turn on that thing myself but i was wondering if anyone else plays/has Playstation 4 ? :slight_smile: Maybe we can play something together sometime :slight_smile:


I’m getting one in 13 days for a certain game.


Which one that might be ? :>


Kingdom hearts 3 I suspect
I hear it’s something a handful of people are in moderation, calmly looking forward to.



Indeed, just patiently waiting.


I have an XOne, Bloodborne would be the only game I would be inclined to get a PS4 for, and it would have to be at a bargain for that :thinking:


Bloodborne is what i ve got mine for :smiley: I’m huge souls fan .


Me as well, I have the game, I just don’t have a way to play it :confused:


You mean you dont have a console or?


Yup, I got Bloodborne in a bundle from a local store for what it would be about $15 once you divide the price among the other games it came with, some day I’ll get the console.

I’ve always done that for some reason, I got Halo 2 before an XBox, I got Dead Space before a 360, FFXII before a PS2, FFXV before an XOne; is almost like a good luck charm or something like that.


You could maybe rent it for a time ? If such option is available for you.


I might? there’s a Rent-A-Center nearby but the idea is not that appealing to me, perhaps later once I have more income for that kind of stuff :man_shrugging:


Since we have a lot of new members joining in lately i will bump this up a bit! Still looking fot friends on PSN .


I’ll bump! Who knows…


This may be something for you?

I am sad that the first bundle for Humble in about 4 weeks is a set of rebundled PS4 games, but for PS4 owners, this is not bad.


Thank you for the heads up but as all Humble PS4 bundles this is only available for SIEA Region which i’m sadly not from :wink:

Not a big loss to be honest. I owe/not interested in all of those games except for Talos Principle.


Yet another region locked bundle… lovely.


Sorry, I really had no idea this was region locked…


Don’t get me wrong I was certainly not blaming you. :grinning: I just get disappointed in Humble as always.


Good titles in that title tbh, but I don’t owe a PS4. My bestie did but she sold it and the TV she played on for good monies. Hee.