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Any of you guys play on PS4 ?


It’s obviously a strange place to ask such question and lately i rarely turn on that thing myself but i was wondering if anyone else plays/has Playstation 4 ? :slight_smile: Maybe we can play something together sometime :slight_smile:


I’m getting one in 13 days for a certain game.


Which one that might be ? :>


Kingdom hearts 3 I suspect
I hear it’s something a handful of people are in moderation, calmly looking forward to.



Indeed, just patiently waiting.


I have an XOne, Bloodborne would be the only game I would be inclined to get a PS4 for, and it would have to be at a bargain for that :thinking:


Bloodborne is what i ve got mine for :smiley: I’m huge souls fan .


Me as well, I have the game, I just don’t have a way to play it :confused:


You mean you dont have a console or?


Yup, I got Bloodborne in a bundle from a local store for what it would be about $15 once you divide the price among the other games it came with, some day I’ll get the console.

I’ve always done that for some reason, I got Halo 2 before an XBox, I got Dead Space before a 360, FFXII before a PS2, FFXV before an XOne; is almost like a good luck charm or something like that.


You could maybe rent it for a time ? If such option is available for you.


I might? there’s a Rent-A-Center nearby but the idea is not that appealing to me, perhaps later once I have more income for that kind of stuff :man_shrugging:


Since we have a lot of new members joining in lately i will bump this up a bit! Still looking fot friends on PSN .


I’ll bump! Who knows…