Any Kiwis around?

I’m making a life decision to move to New Zealand, and I wanted to connect with some gamers there to find out what I need to do with all my stuff…

Should I bring my computer or buy one there and transfer from the hard drive? Will my computer plug in there?

Is internet cool out there? Do I need a VPN to the USA for my Steam account? Is multiplayer gaming plausible with the internet speeds?

Are games more expensive there?

Even things like whether or not my PS4 or XBone will plug into the wall with an adapter, or fry itself.

Just all the things!

Totally Off-topic, but feel free to PM me if you want to chat or just post it up!


Jealous! I visited NZ (north island) for a week about 6 years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. Since that time I’ve made it a goal to 1) go back again for a longer stay and 2) retire there. Where are you looking at settling?

I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer your questions, but I do believe games tend to be more expensive there (along with pretty much everything else).


Not from NZ either but afaik you can let Steam know where you moved to and thus won’t need a VPN.
Bout the plug you could probably just google what kinda plug they are using and then buy the right adapter/power supply.
Am 100% certain that you will be able to play online games…it’s not like you’ll be the only human around lol Always depends on where exactly you are moving to tho


Not from NZ, from Aus but can still tell you some stuff.

Plugs are a different type from the US and power in NZ is 240 V vs 110 V in the US, if your power supply on the computer can convert from both 110 and 240 V (some have a switch) you should be fine, you will need a plug adaptor, or you can just swap the power supply in the comp. Be careful with all your electronic devices, some will not be able to handle the voltage difference.

Don’t think you need a VPN for steam and if you buy games on steam the prices are in US dollars if its like Australia. Games are generally a bit more expensive over here if you buy from stores and sometimes online as well.

XBox and PS4 power bricks are different, here is a forum post about the issue.
Maybe you can use a classifieds site to get a power brick.

Internet is OK I believe but depends where you are.

Hope this helps and hope someone from NZ comes in later to confirm.




If you wanna visit, you can always crash on my couch…or whatever they call couches there.


Thanks @PeteMcc. I saw the plate on the PS4 shows this:

Says AC is 100-240V, so I will just need a cord that can hold the 230V of NZ (pretty sure the US cord will fry).


I’m going full Kiwi and I’m thrilled.

*edited to prevent nightmares.


Now that is just plain disturbing…:open_mouth:





well I didn’t need to sleep anyway so whatever just gonna go and read a book until the Earth crumbles into itself


I did it! I landed a job in New Zealand and I’m moving! It has taken many months of preparation and a bunch of Skype interviews, but I’m so happy I get a little misty even typing about it. I leave at the end of the month. I’ve been so busy that I’ve been missing out on all the great stuff in the Chrono Community, and I’ll be absent for a bit longer, but when I return I will be a slightly different person. The toilets flush backwards there, right?





Make sure you have everything in writing before you set off. No verbal agreements with promises of salaries or anything like that. Might find they’ll alter the deal and put a far worse offer on the table once you’re stranded there with few other options.

But if it’s all well sorted and above board then I’m real happy for you, congratulations. I do hope this’ll be a great thing for you.


Congratulations! That’s fantastic news!

I think it has to do with the relative direction of the Earth’s spin.


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It’s called the Coriolis effect if you want to read up on it more, but it’s such a weak force that it only really shows up in large weather systems and such. The trick that tourist guides will show you by spinning water through a funnel as they step across the equator is just tourist trap trickery.


I did know about the Coriolis effect, which is why I mentioned above the relative spin direction of the Earth… But if the toilet shape is a more dramatic influence, that would be new knowledge for me.


I will absolutely get it in writing. Thanks so much for the support!


And there is likely a raise in it for you if you can make the obligatory star wars joke…