Any graphic designers around or advice on where to find one?

So I’m pretty broke and could do with a logo and banner affair knocking up. Obviously that’s a tall ask and I’d be willing to negotiate on a small monetary payment or something else (I have a couple Steam keys I’m amassing for a giveaway for example, or advertising/portfolio stuff). Alternatively if someone could point me in the right direction for where else to ask that would be great too. I did a Google search but can only find paid professionals so I’m at a bit of a loss.

Thanks :slight_smile:

i have never used it myself, i’ve just seen they have a ton of different stuff, offers and pricing
maybe there is something/someone there affordable if all else fails

best of luck tho, and i hope someone around here can help you out :smiley:

(ps, it’s sometimes unbelievable/funny the type services one can find on that site lol) :joy:

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Thanks, I think I skipped over them when I was looking because the link was a Google ad and I automatically tune them out :joy:

Hopefully there’s something in my price range here, sadly I want something a little complex that will have to be hand-drawn so that’s going to knock the price up!

I’m not a professional, but I’ve been designing on the side. Doing merch and bandlogos in my teens and in the recent past I have done logos and images for Steam groups.
What exactly are you looking for and what is it for?


It’s for a blog/steam group/youtube channel (hence the banner as well). I’m hoping to be able to get a mascot done as part of the logo. I don’t have anything set up yet so I’m pretty fluid in what I’m after tbh

Well, wanna pitch your idea here? Otherwise shoot me a private message and I’ll tell you if it’s in my skill range.


I’m a graphic designer (just got my diploma) and would gladly help you for like a Steam key since I need to build up my portfolio (not totally free though, because working for free hurts the design world, and I advise you always have something more than “exposure” to give your graphic designer if you want them to think good of you xD). Well it depends of the task of course and I don’t have much time lately but you can send me a PM and we’ll discuss :slight_smile:


I see where you’re coming from with the ‘exposure’ stuff but it often depends who you ask. A few months ago I would have done anything to build a portfolio (writing) but that’s because I didn’t have many examples/qualifications to back up my skill set. That’s why I had a few different options for ‘payment’ 'cause it’s sucky to sit there and ask for freebees. I just can’t afford to pay full retail so I scrounged up what I could give :joy:. Mind you, in saying that, the design world could be totally different- I don’t know much about it or how freelancing works there.

I’ll drop you a PM anyways :slight_smile:

I use Etsy to sell stuff and have seen this sort of thing on there, maybe have a look, there is somewhere on the site that you can make requests but if you go searching and see something you like you can message that person and talk about what you are after and what they will charge. Might be worth a look but it’s not something I myself am involved with so I’m not sure.

That said I kinda hope you can work out something with a user here. Happy Hunting!


Same here, not a pro but a user and creator of logos and graphical stufffff.
If you’re interested please send a PM or write down basics of the work itself (visual referents, ideals, colors, anything you think could be of help for pitching your ideas). Thanks!

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