Any chance Slayaway Camp gets restocked?


I recently discovered your awesome coin system and log in daily, which also makes me check out your deals on a daily basis, so well played ;), and while I haven’t found one for me yet I’m pretty sure there’ll be something I won’t be able to resist sooner or later.

Alas, a day before I reached the necessary amount of coins to purchase Slayaway Camp, which is on my wishlist, it was sold out.

Is there any chance it is going to be restocked?



The general answer is not at this time, but they can talk to the publishers to do a repeat sometime in the future. If they’re lucky, then it’ll happen again. is open to the idea of repeat games in the shop, but it’s more of a matter if it’s even available to them or not, as well as offering variety in the shop with the games they’ve already secured. So my opinion would be not anytime soon, but it won’t necessarily be “never.”