Another raffle for my unused Twitch Prime keys

Both keys are for the Legacy Games launcher:

  • Road Trip - 3 Game Pack
  • Addling Adventures (also claims to include three games)

(I couldn’t include Far Cry 4: Standard Edition because that requires linking accounts instead of just activating a key; sorry)

To enter, just say which one you want, followed by a defense for why all these different companies have their own launcher (besides revenue split, because they could let you buy and download the games directly from their website without a launcher and still get that). Winner will be chosen at random (learned my lesson from last time), but my favorite post will get a consolation prize of me saying the post is my favorite. Deadline is the 29th because that’s when my free trial of Amazon Prime ends.


I did it, everyone! I beat my previous record for “giveaway with the least number of entries”! :tada: :partying_face: :rofl:

Since the keys themselves expire on July 16, I’ll change the giveaway to a standard “first to ask gets the key” giveaway. Just pick one, though; if nobody claims the other key 48 hours after your post, you can get the other one.


Two questions:

  1. Are these steam keys?

  2. Can you link the games? A quick steam search yielded nothing useful.


No, they’re only for the Legacy Games Launcher (which was the first thing I said in the OP).


Oh. Well then. I probably read it correctly a couple days ago and then I definitely didn’t reread it properly today.


Thanks and congrats @Imaynotbehere4long :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I had to check out legacy games for someone else so I may as well post the info here… if anyone is interested.

I had heard the name Legacy games before but I couldn’t remember where. So I did some research. Found out I had seen them in Walmart…LOL Never bought any of them but I had seen them there. Not seeing any reports of spyware or malware and they say you can play OFF line so I am thinking no DRM but not sure. I see they have Artifex Mundi as well as the Jewel match games.

About Legacy Games - Legacy Games

How Legacy Games still has a good business selling DVD games at Walmart | VentureBeat

Really like their “Collections”

10 Game Packs - Legacy Games

5 Game Packs - Legacy Games

3 Game Packs - Legacy Games


I didn’t enter the GA because I had no idea when I would be able to get to playing these given my backlog but if no one wants them I’ll put in for Addling Adventures. Maybe there’s a hidden gem in there.


About Addling Adventures…

And this is Road Trip


And…Some one from Steam just gifted me these…
*House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets

*Road Trip

*Puzzle Of The Year

*Addling Adventures


Oh, an entry! Sorry for the delay; the key has been sent now.


Road Trip actually looks cool, now I’ve checked it out. HOG and historic locations. Very nice indeed. I’d dip my oar in for that since destressing with Solitaire is a slippery slope. Just uninstalled one I was reviewing. 47 hrs of play is long enough for evaluation ><


@Danacscott Looks like you’re also entering, so I’ll send you the key (and with six hours to spare since SensaHuMuR pre-entered via PM before the 48-hour time limit was up).

If you’re (re)gifting those as well, you miiight wanna make your own thread; this one’s not exactly getting much attention.


Naw, I was just posting info about the place and games to help you. I am keeping the games. Not crazy about installing another game mangler tho… :thinking: