Another outlet for coins

(For context, this was caused by me being angry over hoarding my coins for a year and then missing out on the one coin shop game I really would have wanted because it sold out instantly. If it seems like a little bit of a rant, that’s why, and I apologize for it.)

I think there should be a second “outlet” for chrono coins - something that people can spend them on that’s not coin shop games. I say this because the current system has a problem, and it’s that there are too many people with too many coins with too few good ways to spend it. We can see this by watching the coin shop. Whenever a new wave of games comes out. There’s usually a game that sits on the shop for a month or 5, but sometimes there’s a game that gets SNAPPED up in seconds - usually the good ones. The demand is so high, the supply is so low, and the price is too low to compensate for the low supply.

However, if you raised the price, that brings on a new problem that’s already in place now. People (including me) hoard their coins for the game that might be a little more expensive than what they have now, which means that raising the price would punish the people who haven’t been hoarding coins. This would also mean that if a new member of chrono wanted to get a worthwhile game, and the price was increased to match the hoarders, they’d themselves have to hoard for a long time to get that good game.

That’s why I suggest some secondary outlet for chrono coins. However, this would only work if whatever else you could spend chrono coins on was equal or about equal of value to coin shop games, otherwise people would just ignore it. There’s a lot of different directions this could go. If done right, this could fix a lot of the problems with the chrono coin system at once. I don’t have a detailed plan of what to do in mind, so I’d like to hear everyone’s suggestions as to what they could do to implement something like this.


What would you suggest for a secondary outlet?


They did have garfield kart in the store but that was a long time ago, I think they should do that again but for ever.


This is a hard question to answer. The ideal outlet would have a good reward, a guaranteed payoff, and be available at all times (or VERY frequently - like daily). This means that some form of gambling wouldn’t be good, some form of raffle wouldn’t be good (because it would either be limited entry, so unavailable at all times, or it would encourage hoarding if you could buy multiple entries).

This doesn’t leave much, it leaves less when you take out anything that requires deals with companies, and it leaves even less when you factor in that the rewards need to be great. That’s why I originally didn’t answer it, asking for feedback.

If I could think of anything for a secondary outlet, it would be a voting system for either the daily deal or the coin shop games. You could choose how many coins to dump in to each option, and the option with the most coins wins. It isn’t perfect, and it even breaks some of the rules I’ve established, but this would be a way for people to use their coins on a regular basis.


main problem here being, like other similar proposals, is that you think you are “entitled” to get a reward for your coins, almost as if 1:1
“i get free coins, ergo i should get X (monetary) value in return”/“i MUST be able to spend them(on something i want)”
issue with that being, well, you aren’t “doing” anything that warrants a fixed reward “for you”
most people likely scripting coins aside, you were never promised a guaranteed return on your “investment”. You were given the opportunity for a chance to get something out of your “efforts” of gathering free coins
just because you don’t like the offers to the point of hoarding a massive surplus of coins doesn’t really show more than your own dissatisfaction with the selection. The fact tons of people manage to maintain “low” amount of coins, by regular spending, shows there are plenty of people that are either liking the offers or willing enough to at least spend on them
Games also vary in price and quantity and popularity, so just because a low quantity game sells out fast vs a high quantity (or popularity) doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to spend your coins on, just that your interest isn’t there, they are still getting “sold” tho, just not to you.
whether or not you feel Chrono has “fulfilled” their marketing honours, by providing you with “enough” of what you want, is entirely your own sentiment. But it’s completely bonkers to have a mentality that you are somehow obligatory “owed” something, just because you gather free coins everyday -which is a 0 effort investment, that you want some sort of fixed return on…
stop being “greedy” and just buy a coinshop game to play once in a while, instead of constantly holding out for “higher prizes”, and try not to get “disappointed” when a known limited stock runs out.
Why chrono is(/or should) somehow beholden to some higher standard of payout/rewards than other places with limited giveaways is beyond me… and this mindset baffles me with its entitlement…
you click the coin because you might potentially want to be able to grab a game -“at some point”, not because it’s a job/task with a contracted return on your investment…


I completely agree. A lot of my complaints are just me asking for even more from a completely free service. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time, the games that are available for more than a day are strategy or point and click adventures, both of which don’t suit my personal taste. This is a me problem.

I have no problem with chrono itself - it doesn’t owe me anything, in fact, it would be more accurate to say that I owe it, seeing as I’ve gotten multiple games from the coin store.

I was just trying to make a suggestion of having an alternate way to spend the coins, whether that spending has a monetary value (like the coin shop) or not.


not trying to berate you or anything, just restating (my) points that’s been visited, “once or twice”, before
and you are not the only one that would even appreciate other outlets for coin spendings, was even suggested just to be able to “waste” coins on forum cosmetic stuff (tho with the discourse system i not even sure if that was a possibility).
But most people’s grievances/alternatives always end up boiling somewhat down to stuff of a “monetary” value, which in essence is like saying “give me moar free stuffz”, which overall i just don’t agree with. And (in general) it be kinda cool if people remembered that coins isn’t a “promise”, job transaction, or actual “payment”
-if people getting coin shop games aren’t actually also buying a daily deal once in a blue moon, then Chrono is the one not seeing a return of their (actual) investment
(tho i’m assuming(&hoping) they are doing okay on that front).


Yeah, I can understand that. I’m surprised that chrono coins exist in the first place - I have no idea how chrono can make money off doing what they do.

Because coins are just a thing chrono gives us for free, it has no value itself. There is no promise, no transaction, no payment. The fact that we’re able to use a worthless currency on games with worth is just chrono being a cool place.

Forum cosmetic stuff with chrono coins would be really cool, but despite (technically) having no monetary value for us, it would cost money to make. And that’s a problem that comes with any alternate way to spend coins, is that chrono would have to make it, which kinda jeopardizes the entire thing I’m asking for.